Alltech Focused on Fish Nutrition, Sustainability

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Scientists in the field of aquaculture are working to produce a premium product sustainably, and nutrition is a key part of that goal. At ONE 18: The Alltech Ideas Conference, Dr. Philip Lyons shared some challenges and successes of the aquaculture industry with participants. “I think the biggest challenge is that at the moment a vast majority of feeds for … Read More

Bringing Smart Farming to Aquaculture

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Farmers across the livestock production sectors have begun to have increased access to smart farming technology on their operations, including the booming global aquaculture industry. Rully Setya Purnama is the Chief Operating Officer of eFishery, a company offering integrated feeding solution for fish and shrimp farming that allows operators to control their fish/shrimp feeding performance directly from a smartphone or … Read More

Tuna Feed Research Leads to Sustainable Tuna Farming

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The Illinois Soybean Association checkoff program funded feed research by Dr. Alejandro Buentello of Ichthus Unlimited, LLC in the pursuit of finding sustainable tuna aquaculture. Various soy-based diets for use in tuna farming and ranching were tested and “Feeding Bluefin,” is a video summarizing the research project and its potential impact on protecting endangered wild tuna stocks. “The successful research … Read More

Alltech Collaborates with Aquaculture Feed Producers

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Coppens International, an innovative Dutch aquatic feed and nutrition company that joined Alltech in 2016, will be collaborating with Guabi, a leading fish feed producer in Brazil. Guabi entered into a strategic partnership with Alltech earlier this year linking the two leading aquaculture feed producers from opposite sides of the ocean together to accelerate solutions for the aquaculture industry. “The … Read More

Alltech’s Commitment to Sustainable Aquaculture

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According to the 2017 Alltech Global Feed Survey, the aquaculture industry experienced a 12% increase in feed production in 2016. Asia maintained its volume and accounts for approximately three-quarters of global production per Alltech’s 2016 Aquaculture Survey. These results are no surprise, but present a new set of challenges. Dr. Aoife Lyons, director of educational initiatives and engagement for Alltech, … Read More

#USsoy Brings Competitive Advantage to Aquaculture

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Iowa no-till corn and soybean farmer, Rolland Schnell, was one of the many farmers from states throughout the Midwest who trekked south to Panama for the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) and Soy Aquaculture Alliance (SAA) Aquaculture Educational Opportunity. During the event we spent a day at the Panama Canal getting a full glimpse of the important role infrastructure plays … Read More

Aquaculture + U.S. Soy = A Budding Relationship

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As the fastest growing animal protein, aquaculture is the center of conversations beyond the circle of animal agriculture. And the most common circle these days discussing aquaculture is soybean. The U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) and Soy Aquaculture Alliance (SAA) joined forces to host the 2017 Aquaculture Educational Opportunity in Panama City, Panama. U.S. soybean growers, researchers and aquaculture experts … Read More

Omega-3-rich Canola from Cargill Benefits Aquaculture

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A new groundbreaking type of canola in development by Cargill could give aquaculture farmers a more sustainable way to raise fish rich in EPA/DHA omega-3 fatty acids. The plant-based source of the nutrients, developed in collaboration with BASF, could provide an alternative to using fish oil in aquaculture feed and could ease harvest pressure on wild fish populations that currently … Read More

New Fish Supplement From Phibro Animal Health

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Phibro Aqua has announced the launch of PAQ-Gro for Hatchery, a new nutritional feed supplement to maximize fish health during grow-out in hatcheries and nurseries. “Cultured fish and shrimp species in their early stages are especially susceptible to stress, disease and, ultimately, mortality,” Dr. Raanan Ariav, Vice President of Phibro Aqua, commented. “We believe that, when fed daily, PAQ-Gro for … Read More

Aquaculture on the Rise = More #USSoy

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Did you know that aquaculture is the fastest growing animal production system in the world today? Or that aquaculture is the fastest growing utilization area for soy protein ingredients? Aquaculture and U.S. soybean production easily fit hand-in-hand. While I was at the U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchange I quickly realized the relationship aquaculture and the soybean community have formed and … Read More