DFA Chairman of the Board

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Dairy Farmers of America held its annual meeting in Kansas City this week with about 1,000 members in attendance. The theme of the meeting this year was “Members: Our Foundation, Our Focus” and the group had a chance to hear from entertaining futurist Dr. Lowell Catlett and US Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns. In an interview, DFA Chairman of the … Read More

Production and Price Outlook From USDA

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U.S. milk production numbers are lowered and prices are stronger according to a report out at the end of the week from USDA. Brenda Curtis has the report with the Chair of USDA´s World Outlook Board, Gerald Bange. USDA Production Report (1 min MP3)

Alfalfa Genetics: Winning Percentages

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Among seed genetics, alfalfa is a non-conformist. Due to biological limitations, achieving the genetic uniformity that occurs in corn, soybeans, wheat, etc. is not possible. Within each alfalfa variety, there is a range of performance for critical agronomic categories. As explained by Dave Miller, Alfalfa Research Director for Pioneer Hi-Bred, this is why ratings for disease and insect resistance, fall … Read More

U. S. Dairy Export Record

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Yesterday there was some good news in the area of dairy exports according to the U. S. Dairy Export Council. Here’s a report that summarizes the 2006 dairy export results. U.S. dairy exports set a record in 2006 – for the third straight year and are now worth nearly 1-point-9 billion dollars. This report includes comments from U.S. Dairy Export … Read More

Dairy Industry Testimony on Feed Costs

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The House Agriculture Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy and Poultry held a hearing this week to review the impact of higher feed costs on the livestock industry, specifically as a result of increased demand for ethanol from corn. One of the witnesses was Rob Wonderlich, a producer from Ollie, Iowa who testified on behalf of Dairy Farmers of America. Wonderlich testified … Read More

U.S. Dairy Export Council Goes for Gold in China

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It looks like the work of the U.S. Dairy Export Council is paying off in China. We’ve got a report from their radio news service that says that exports to China have quadrupled over the past eight years. The report contains quotes from Marc Beck, Senior VP, Market Development, USDEC who says about the upcoming 2008 Olympics in Beijing, “China … Read More

Evaluate Alfalfa Winterkill for Go/No-Go Decision

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Early to mid-April, when alfalfa begins to green up, is the time to assess the degree of damage from winterkill. Dan Wiersma, account manager for Pioneer Hi-Bred, offers tips on what to look for, both above and below ground, to evaluate alfalfa stands just ahead of the upcoming growing season. Dan also discusses options to consider if those stands are … Read More

WeatherMaster Technology From ADM Alliance Nutrition

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While I was attending the recent Cattle Industry Convention I met Brad Dalke, business manager, ADM Alliance Nutrition. He was there to discuss their new WeatherMaster technology. This technology, which ensures minerals will not leach out or break down in rainy or harsh weather conditions, is produced with naturally sourced ingredients and does not contain petroleum-based ingredients. “The NCBA show … Read More

Detachment From WestphaliaSurge at NFMS

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I’m attending the National Farm Machinery Show and doing most of my posting onto AgWired. I was surprised to learn how many dairy farmers visit here in Louisville, KY. This afternoon I visited the WestphaliaSurge booth and talked with Jerry Quellhorst. They’ve got a large exhibit here and he says he spoke with dairymen from states all over the country … Read More

Super Dairy Bowl

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It’s Super Bowl time and the dairy industry is ready for it. Regardless of whether the Colts or the Bears win Super Bowl 41 in Miami, dairy producers have already scored big thanks to another successful year teaming up with the National Football League to increase milk, cheese and yogurt sales. Brian Baxter has more in this report. Download and … Read More