Cows May Produce Skim Milk Naturally

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It really is an exciting time in research for the dairy industry. New Zealand scientists have discovered that some cows have genes that give them a natural ability to produce skimmed milk. What a discovery! The researchers plan to use this information to breed herds of milkers producing only skimmed milk.The researchers also plan to breed commercial herds producing milk … Read More

Monsanto Files Complaint with FDA

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Monsanto Co., the producer of Posilac-brand recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST), has filed a complaint to the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission asking these federal authorities to crack down on dairies that make “deceptive” claims that the use of Posilac bovine growth hormone leads to unhealthy milk. According to federal agency guidelines, claims must be truthful and … Read More

Roundup Ready Alfalfa Put on Hold

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Monsanto Company expressed disappointment today for a preliminary injunction issued in a pending lawsuit on Roundup Ready alfalfa. The ruling could have an affect on the planting decisions of producers across the country. In this case, the court had previously ruled that USDA had failed to follow procedural requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act in granting non-regulated status to … Read More

Save on Feed Costs

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With low milk prices, producers are looking for anyway to increase profits. Mycogen brand Silage-Specific BMR hybrids can help your herd produce 4.8 more pounds of milk and save money on purchased grain! Click here to use Mycogen’s online ROI calculator and hear producer success stories. Dairy producers who feed their cows Silage-Specific BMR hybrids are generally able to feed … Read More

Sugar Free Dairy Dessert

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Good news for those of us who love dessert, but are watching our sugar intake! Two U.S. food technologists, Drs Bruce Tharp and Steven Young, have developed what is believed to be the first dairy based dessert that contains no sugar, trans fat or lactose. Wonder if it tastes any good? Two top scientists claim to have developed a frozen … Read More

It's Not Easy Being Green

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Farmers are the original stewarts of our great land. In these changing times in agriculture, some farmers are stepping up and using so called “green” farming methods. Hybrids vehicles aren’t replacing one-ton pickups in mid-America, but many in the agriculture industry are reacting to the potential effects of global warming, developing new technology and farming methods to brace for the … Read More