Bison Demand Continues to Grow

Lizzy SchultzAg Group, Audio, Bison, NAFB

Consumer demand for bison is continuing to increase across the country. Representatives from the National Bison Association made a presence at NAFB Trade Talk to discuss the booming demand in this unique industry. “We are continually getting our supply outstripped by our demand,” said Dick Gehring, Vice President, National Bison Association, in an interview during Trade Talks. According to Gehring, … Read More

National Bison Association Reports High Demand

Kelly MarshallAg Group, Bison, NAFB

Dave Carter, the Executive Director for the National Bison Association recently attended the NAFB 2015 Conference and shared with Kindra Hall a bit about bison. “We are scrambling to keep up with the growing consumer demand for bison,” Carter explains.  “We’ve talked for years about the fact that this is a lean, healthy product.  It’s all natural and sustainable and … Read More

Patagonia Provisions Launches Buffalo Jerky

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Bison, Food

Patagonia Provisions has launched a groundbreaking partnership with Dan and Jill O’Brien of Wild Idea Buffalo to conserve and restore the grasslands of South Dakota, while producing a delicious, sustainably sourced Buffalo Jerky. This is the latest addition to the company’s food line designed to create positive change in the food industry. Patagonia Provisions’ 100% grass-fed buffalo meat is a … Read More

National Bison Association's Bison Central

Jamie JohansenAg Group, Audio, Bison, Meat, NAFB

Bison breeders Peter Kohl, from Missouri and Dick Gehring, from Kansas represented the National Bison Association at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s Trade Talk recently in Kansas City, MO. I spoke with them about their operations and about the growing demand for their product. Many have reservations when it comes to eating bison because they are simply not familiar … Read More