Merck Solutions Driven By Prevention

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As the industry continues to buckle down on antibiotic regulations, maximizing the immunity of a herd is more important than ever. The team at Merck Animal Health is driven by the idea of maximizing prevention efforts. Dr. Tim Parks, DVM, Technical Service Veterinarian, was on hand during the 2016 NAFB Trade Talk to discuss the most important factors in play … Read More

Merial Talks Cattle Product Line at NAFB

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The team at Merial made a presence during the NAFB Trade Talks, and Jamie had an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Joe Dedrickson, Field Veterinary Service Director, to talk about three important products in Merial’s portfolio of cattle health solutions: Synschsure, Longrange, and Zactran. Synchsure, a prostaglandin that can be used to synchronize the cycle of both dairy and … Read More

Afimilk Honored for Innovative Calving Alert System

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Afimilk’s Calving Alert service was recognized for innovation in calving detection at an awards ceremony held during the 2016 World Dairy Expo, marking the third year in a row Afimilk has received the coveted Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award. Dystocia is a costly and common problem, with studies reporting that up to half of Holstein heifers require intervention from a … Read More

BioZyme Creep Feed Rations Provide Needed Nutrients

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Now marks the time when cattle producers should begin thinking about creep feed supplementation for nursing calves. The milk from a lactating beef cow only furnishes about 50 percent of the nutrients that a 3-4 month-old calf needs to realize its genetic potential for growth. BioZyme brand VitaFerm offers three products, Sure Champ, Sure Power 37, and Sure Start Pellet, … Read More

Calf-Tel Unveils New Pen Front

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The innovators at Hampel Corporation have introduced a new pen front for Calf-Tel’s modular pen system, showcasing a design that will offer calf raisers more customizable options than ever. “The new pen front works seamlessly with existing Calf-Tel pens, is more user-friendly and now provides a number of enhanced features that give calf raisers the ability to adapt the modular … Read More

FutureCow Introduces ComfortBrush for Calves

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The cow care experts at FutureCow announced this week that they have introduced a new addition to the ComfortBrush line of automated grooming products. ComfortBrush for calves is the first automated brush designed specifically for calves, with features that work to help enrich calf development and growth. “The FutureCow ComfortBrush for calves is the latest innovation in our line of … Read More

Vita Plus Launches BSF-18

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The 2015 World Dairy Expo served as the formal launch for BSF-18, the newly developed calf starter acting as the latest addition to the comprehensive Vita Plus Corporation calf nutrition program. Noah Litherland, PhD, technical specialist for Vita Plus, sat down with AgWired at the event to discuss this innovative new product. His takeaway focused on the three major benefits … Read More

Purina Launches Amplicalf Program

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Purina Animal Nutrition has introduced the AMPLI-CALF® Program: a feeding program for calves proven by an eight year research study to increase first lactation milk production performance by as much as 2,740 pounds. The research, conducted at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center from April 2007 to October 2014, obtained data from 162,577 lactation observations and studied 650 animals. The data … Read More

Research on Calves Could Find Cure for Respiratory Disease

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Research on calves could lead to a cure for a respiratory disease. This news release from the University of California-Davis says scientists at the school are finding a treatment for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a serious threat that leads to pneumonia and bronchiolitis, especially in infants and premature children. Results from the study, published in the August issue of the … Read More

Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Research Facility

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Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products recently completed construction on a state-of-the art research facility outside St. Louis, Mo. “This facility will provide us new opportunities to evaluate calf feeding methods such as three times-a-day feeding and 4 quart bottles, in addition to levels of nutrition and milk replacer technologies,” says Kevin Hoepker, general manager with Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products. … Read More