Ceva Mission – High Quality, Low Cost Protein Globally

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One of the missions of Ceva is to provide high quality, low cost protein to the world and while at the Ceva Swine U.S. Launch and Scientific Symposium, CEO & North America/Pacific Zone Director for Ceva, Craig Wallace, shared more about their commitment to pork. “It’s a dream for the organization. As we talked about how we can serve the … Read More

NPPC Highlights Policy Priorities for 2016

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Some of the greatest minds in the swine community gathered in New Orleans this weekend to discuss key issues and research impacting pork producers across the country. During the Ceva Swine Launch event, National Pork Producers Council’s CEO Neil Dierks talked about some of their top issues in 2016. Food security is at the top of that list. “The world … Read More

Veterinarians Seek to Understand Client's Needs

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Tom Burkgren, DVM, Executive Director of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV), was a one of the panelists to take part in a discussion at the Ceva Swine U.S. Launch and Scientific Symposium, which took place just before the AASV annual meeting. The panel gave Dr. Burkgren a better perspective on how the producers in the group viewed veterinarians, … Read More

Ceva Panelists Discuss Antibiotic Movement

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Ceva Swine U.S. Launch & Scientific Symposium recently featured a panel discussion entitled “Swine Industry Expectations, Innovations & Transformations.” Chuck Zimmerman caught up with a few of the panelists and got their take on solutions for antibiotic use. Bob Ruth is President of Country View Family Farms, a supplier for Hatfield Quality Meats. The company harvests about 10,000 hogs a day, … Read More

Ceva Launches U.S. Swine Division

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Just prior to the American Association of Swine Veterinarians Annual Meeting Ceva announced the launch of their newly created U.S. Swine Division. On the stage at the Ceva U.S. Swine Launch and Scientific Symposium to make the announcement is Mark Prikazsky, DVM and CEO/Chairman of the Board, Ceva. As you can see from his title, he is a veterinarian himself! … Read More

Ceva Focuses on Vaccine Development

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The Ceva Animal Health Scientific Services Investigative Unit (SSIU) could be called the CSI of the animal health world because they operate the same way – scientifically solving mysteries and getting the bad guys. “We are a connection between our R&D group and our customer and through that connection we solve problems for our customer,” said Ceva Scientific Services Director … Read More

Ceva Continues Facility Expansion

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The root of Ceva Animal Health USA lies in Biomune, the vaccine manufacturing company in Lenexa, Kansas it acquired in 2005. “When we originally purchased Ceva Biomune we had a vision for where this (company) could go,” said Daryl Pint, Ceva Biomune CEO, during a tour of the facilities for swine industry media. “Ceva has purchased 27 companies over the … Read More

Ceva Animal Health is Growing

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Ceva Animal Health is set on becoming a major player in the swine industry within the next five years. The global company was just created in 2000 in France, and the North American operations started in only 2005, but already Ceva has experienced a five fold growth increase. Craig Wallace, Ceva CEO and North American Zone Director, says growth in … Read More