Charleston|Orwig Hoofs It for Charity at World Dairy Expo

Chuck ZimmermanAgribusiness, Audio, Charleston-Orwig, World Dairy Expo

The company that has been mainly responsible for our ability to cover World Dairy Expo year after year is Charleston|Orwig. This integrated marketing and reputation management agency has quite a few clients in the dairy business, including our marquee sponsor, New Holland. I spoke with Charleston|Orwig’s Mike Opperman, Sr. Director, Strategy and Planning, (left on the show lot with his … Read More

Bridging Gap Between Consumers and Food Production

Chuck ZimmermanArm and Hammer, Audio, Charleston-Orwig, World Dairy Expo

Charleston|Orwig was very busy during this year’s World Dairy Expo. The strategic communications agency was working with almost a dozen companies during the show. I caught up with Brittany Unterweger, pictured left with Cassie Mueller, in the Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition booth. Brittany is an account supervisor. I asked her how things were going for the agency since Cindy … Read More

Getting Ready for World Dairy Expo

Cindy ZimmermanCharleston-Orwig, World Dairy Expo

The 2011 World Dairy Expo is less than two weeks away and preparations are being made to welcome the 65,000 producers and industry professionals to converge from 90 countries for “Around the World of Dairy in 5 Days.” More than 2,500 head of North America’s most beautiful bovines from 37 states and 7 Canadian provinces will parade across the colored … Read More

2010 World Dairy Expo Recap

Cindy ZimmermanAlpharma, Arm and Hammer, Charleston-Orwig, Novartis, Novus International, World Dairy Expo

Finally finished the last post from the 2010 World Dairy Expo today – here are some of the highlights, in case you missed it. Amazing Results in Boosting Milk Fat Levels – interview with Dr. Scott Bascom, a nutritionist with Cooperative Plus in Wisconsin. How Lower Protein Rations Can Increase the Bottom Line – interviews with Dr. Larry Chase with … Read More

Hoard's Celebrates Past, Prepares for Future

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Hoard’s Dairyman is celebrating a milestone this year that few can claim these days – 125 years of serving readers. “It’s been a very interesting year for us from the standpoint of celebrating our historic anniversary and secondly, positioning ourselves for the future,” Director of Marketing Gary Vorpahl told me during an interview at World Dairy Expo. Part of the … Read More

Group Focuses on Dairy Reproductive Performance

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Reproduction is a key factor for the profitability of dairy operations but in a wide segment of the dairy industry reproductive performance is far from optimal. That’s why a few years ago, a group of concerned dairy industry professionals formed the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC). At World Dairy Expo, I talked to Dr. Andy Skidmore with Schering-Plough Animal Health, … Read More

Simple Tool Can Measure Colostrum Quality

Cindy ZimmermanAnimal Health, Audio, Charleston-Orwig, Video, World Dairy Expo

A simple, inexpensive instrument that is routinely used to measure liquids like wine or orange juice to determine the amount of soluble solids in solution can also be used to quickly measure the quality of colostrum for newborn calves. Research published in the August Journal of Dairy Science showed how Brix refractometer instruments can be used effectively for the measurement … Read More

Novartis Talks Herd Health

Cindy ZimmermanAnimal Health, Audio, Charleston-Orwig, Novartis, World Dairy Expo

Representatives from Novartis Animal Health were talking total herd health with dairy producers at World Dairy Expo this year, something that includes an effective vaccine protocol. Director of Veterinary Services Dr. Doug Scholz says a good vaccine program helps manage the animals better. “Obviously, if animals are ill, they are not producing to their maximum potential and if we have … Read More

Robotic Feedpusher Wins Expo Booth Award for Lely

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A brand new feedpusher named Juno helped Lely, Inc. win Best Outdoor/Intermediate Booth at World Dairy Expo this year. I talked with Peter Langebeeke, president of North America operations for Lely, about the new feedpusher and some of the company’s recent accomplishments. “Lely started out 60 years ago making farm equipment on the farm of the brothers van der Lely,” … Read More

BouMatic Debuts Robotic Spray System

Cindy ZimmermanAudio, Charleston-Orwig, Equipment, Video, World Dairy Expo

When the exhibit judges saw what BouMatic had on display at the 2010 World Dairy Expo, it was no contest who was getting the Best Large Booth award. The Robotic Post Milking Spray System was quite an attention-getter at the expo. “After the cow is milked, this system will apply teat dip automatically and consistently as the cows come through … Read More