Learn About Qualisoy

Chuck ZimmermanExhibitor, Qualisoy

QualisoyIn case you’re wondering what Qualisoy is, besides a sponsor of World Dairy Diary, now you can find out. I interviewed Qualisoy board member, Kent Gronlie, a soybean grower from North Dakota. Qualisoy is an “industry-wide” initiative that “creates added value and increased global competitiveness for the U.S. soybean industry through the development, commercialization and promotion of enhanced quality traits.”

Callicrate Bander Inventer Interview

Chuck ZimmermanCallicrate Bander, Exhibitor

Callicrate BanderYou know that the Callicrate Bander is a sponsor of World Dairy Diary and now’s your chance to learn more about the company and the product. I interviewed Mike Callicrate, the inventer. He describes all the uses for his product and provides some history on its development and how the product has had tremendous growth and success, including on an international level.

SW Plains Dairy Directory Available

Chuck ZimmermanExhibitor

Dairy DirectoryAre you looking for information on dairies in the southwest? Then you need one of these. You can go to Dairy Directory Publishers website or visit them at World Dairy Expo, booth 27TT in the Coliseum. They’ll be selling them there for the special Expo price of $25. Here’s how they describe it:

Monster Milker On Monster Garage

Chuck ZimmermanExhibitor, Milk

Bou Matic Monster MilkerPut a cow in one end and get chocolate and regular milk out the other. Who’d have thought it possible? With a little help from Bou-Matic it is and it’ll be on display at World Dairy Expo.