Mobile System for Phosphorous Recovery From Manure

Jamie JohansenAg Group, Dairy, Fertilizer

Researchers at Washington State University will build and operate a mobile system to fully develop a phosphorous-rich fertilizer in Washington State to capture excess phosphorous from liquid dairy cow manure in the form of struvite. The “Mobile System for Nutrient (Phosphorus) Recovery and Cost Efficient Nutrient Transport” project will build and operate a mobile struvite system, applying fluidized bed technology, … Read More

Bion Files Patent in Livestock Waste Treatment

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Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc. is a livestock waste treatment technology provider who has filed a new patent application for a process that recovers a nitrogen-rich, natural, non-synthetic fertilizer product from a livestock waste stream. The product is produced by Bion’s next-generation livestock waste treatment technology platform without the use of chemical additives. Bion has retained consultants and is preparing a … Read More

Hay-Now Offers Forage-Specific Fertilizer Formulation

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Fertilizer

Monty’s Plant Food Company has released Hay-Now, a foliar applied liquid fertilizer containing N, P, K with Sulfur, Iron, and Zinc – designed specifically for hay crops and pastures. Formulated to deliver readily available nutrients during the vegetative growth stage, it enhances growth and root development. Additionally, Hay-Now supports hay crops and pastures during periods of stress, helping to maximize … Read More

Not Your Everyday Manure Spreader

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Fertilizer, John Deere

Doug Felter, product manager for John Deere’s sprayer and tillage equipment line gave ag media a sneak preview of a very unique piece of equipment during their ag media event last week. The High Capacity Nutrient Applicator is “in development” and shows John Deere’s commitment to nutrient application. When John Deere spoke to customers about this unit, Doug said three … Read More

Digi-Star Introduces Rate Control Manure Spreaders

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Equipment, Fertilizer

Digi-Star introduces the NT 8000i rate control system for manure spreaders. The NT 8000i is a weight-based system that improves application efficiency by varying the unloading rate in proportion to ground speed. The NT 8000i is a closed-loop rate control system designed to provide precision guidance and prescription-based control of the spreading rate in hydraulically driven apron floor systems on … Read More

Chicken Litter – A Hot Commodity

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Jenny Rhodes, Extension Educator for University of Maryland in Queen Anne’s County and local poultry farmer, was asked to attend the 2015 Chicken Media Summit to talk about chicken manure. For her first 10 years in extension, Jenny wrote nutrient management plans. These plans are state mandated and any farmer meeting it’s requirements must have one for their operation. “In … Read More