How to Understand Tomorrow's Consumer

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The most important element in the chain of the beef industry is obviously the consumers. That is why it is imperative that we understand them. Sounds simple, right? Not always, because we have such a diverse array of consumers. The American Hereford Association brought in two experts to talk to producers about six thought starters to help us all understand … Read More

Tailgating Brazilian Style

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Hereford breeders from across the country made their way to Springfield, MO to attend the American Hereford Association’s (AHA) Hereford Genetic Summit held on the campus of Missouri State University. After a welcome from AHA leadership and a quick glimpse of how we can navigate our future from Kevin Ochsner, a Hereford Tailgate Party gave us all a taste of … Read More

Scratch N Sniff Schmacon

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If you walked down the hallways on Friday of the 2014 Cattle Industry Summer Conference the buzz word you heard coming out of everyone’s mouths as they grabbed their sack lunches was Schmacon. I guess I have been living under a rock in my Southwest Missouri home because I had never heard of such a thing until then. The SLT … Read More

NMPF Supports FDA’s Draft Food Shipment Safety Regulations

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Milk producers joined milk processors yesterday in supporting the Food and Drug Administration’s proposed regulations on the safe shipment of food, saying the draft rules largely write into regulations what the dairy industry is already doing. “Dairy foods are safely transported already, and there is no need to improve on current practices,” said Beth Briczinski, vice president for dairy foods … Read More

USFRA Food Dialogues in Chicago

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The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance Food Dialogues is taking place live as of this post in Chicago. The topic is “Integrity in Food Marketing 2014.” I’ve already interviewed several of our panelists and will do more when today’s discussion concludes. The program is live now and will be archived on the Food Dialogues website. We’ve got some very interesting … Read More

American Farmers Receive "Thanks" From Culver's

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June Dairy Month brings the efforts of America’s farm families front and center. And now, Culver’s is strengthening that spotlight through the second year of its “Thank You Farmers” campaign. In partnership with participating restaurants, great guests, the National FFA Foundation, local FFA chapters and other agricultural groups, Culver’s turns gratitude into full-fledged support of today’s farm families. Last year … Read More

Farmed Fish Production Must Increase by 2050

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With the global wild fish supply stagnant and the human population increasing, new research shows that farmed fish and shellfish production will likely need to increase by 133 percent between 2010 and 2050 in order to meet projected fish demand worldwide. The study finds that although aquaculture’s environmental impacts are likely to rise as production grows, there are a variety … Read More

Beef Remains the Top Protein in Foodservice

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Beef experienced significant volume growth in the past year and continues to be a mainstay on the menu, according to the 2013 Usage and Volumetric Assessment of Beef in Foodservice report, proprietary research from the Beef Checkoff Program. The annual survey of protein purchasing executives showed that beef remains the number one protein in foodservice – in volume, in market … Read More

Dr. Norman Borlaug Receives Alltech Medal of Excellence

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Julie Borlaug Larson, granddaughter to Dr. Norman Borlaug, was on stage this morning to accept a posthumous Alltech Medal of Excellence award for the “Father of the Green Revolution.” The award was presented by Aidan Connolly, Alltech. “Through his adaptation of new wheat technologies and improved crop management practices, Dr. Borlaug saved more than a billion people worldwide from starvation,” … Read More