Correction – Select Sires Sexed Semen Conception

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A few days ago I heralded Select Sires new lab for producing sexed semen. I misspoke when reporting the conception rates for this new technology: in virgin heifer, producers utilizing Select’s GenderSELECTed semen will find conception rates typically 75% of typical, not 75% less than normal as I previously reported. In other words, if you use the sexed semen and your normal conception rate is 60%, you can expect roughly 45% conception with the sexed semen product. The rest of the story is accurate. Thanks for Mel at Select for pointing out the error.

Select Sires Sexed Semen Lab Up and Running

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The concept of improving your heifer ratio during calving season is extremely exciting – imagine if all your first-calf heifers dropped heifers… the profitability of that string would be much more enticing. Furthering that goal, Select Sires has joined with Sexing Technologies of Navasota, Texas to begin operations of a semen sexing lab at Select’s headquarters in Plain City, Ohio. The fruit of this partnership will be increased offerings of proven sires in the gender SELECTed lineup.

Sexed Semen Can Up Your Heifer Crop

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spent the weekend at the Spring Dairy Expo in Columbus, Ohio, and was treated to one of the best dairy cattle shows in the Midwest. Along with serving as a “celebrity” (no, really, they actually called me a celebrity – WOW!) omlette chef and as ring announcer for the Junior All Breeds Showmanship and Ayrshire breed shows, I interviewed some of the top experts in the Dairy business.

More Sires For Select Sires

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Select Sires DirectoryYou can order your Select Sires, February 2006 directory online now by visiting their website. You can view the lineup here. They just sent out announcements on 18 new sires entered into their various programs. It’s way too much information for us to post here so I would look around their website to see what’s new.