AgGenetics Launches Financing Campaign

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AgGenetics, an animal health and biotechnology company, recently launched a $5 million equity financing campaign on AgFunder, the leading agriculture-focused online investment platform. The action comes in response to the ever-increasing demand for animal protein, which is projected to grow by nearly 40% in the next 20 years. No effective or economically viable models for addressing this demand currently exist. … Read More

CFI Conference on Animal Agriculture

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The Center for Food Integrity’s (CFI) 2016 North American Strategy Conference on Animal Agriculture will take place May 18-19, at McDonald’s Hamburger University in Chicago and is sponsored by the United Soybean Board. The event will focus on closing the gap on issues driving consumer distrust in animal agriculture. Those issues include animal housing, emerging genetic advancements and antibiotics use. … Read More

Join NCBA for their Cattlemen's Webinar Series

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Join National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) for their Cattlemen’s Webinar Series, “Making a Positive Genetic Impact on Your Herd.” The webinar will take place February 16, 2016 at 7:00pm CST. The webinar will discuss new research which suggests there are benefits we haven’t fully understood in the past. Learn about the latest on genetic testing technology and how it may … Read More

Zoetis Genomics Tests Enhance Beef Production

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Zoetis is continuing to use genetics and genomics to enable producers to more affordably and accurately predict genetic merit of registered Angus animals, with technology that offers Angus breeders and commercial cow-calf producers unprecedented opportunities for success down the road. The company offers two genomics tests through Angus Genetics Inc. Both the HD 50K and i50K tests offer the most … Read More

Nedap Pig Performance Testing

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Nedap has introduced their Pig Performance Testing system. The easy-to-use system accurately and consistently measures and records pig performance indicators, including individual weights and feed intake. Information is immediately available for review and has a unique feature allowing users to rank groups based on daily performance. “Nutrition and genetics are two of the most important keys to success on any … Read More

Benefits of Immunity+ Exceed Expectations

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One of the featured breakout sessions at the 2016 Dairy Strong Conference gave attendees a look into High Immune Response Technology and Breeding Selection, an exciting, innovative technology that has begun to gain significant momentum in the dairy industry. The presentation was given by Dr. Bonnie Mallard, PhD, a researcher and professor of Pathobiology at the University of Guelph College … Read More

VT Chickens Help Hatch Evolutionary Discovery

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The genetic lines of chickens raised at Virginia Tech University were a critical component in a remarkable research study which has proven that evolution happens 15 times faster than has been previously believed. The study was published recently in Biology Letters, a journal of Royal Society Publishing, and involved Virginia Tech researchers, as well as researchers from the University of … Read More

Focused on Genomics Not Milk

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When you think of a dairy farm you think milk. Or, as in the case of Rocky Mountain Holsteins, you think genomics. Rod Churchill is the manager for the business, pictured with his wife during a Canadian Farm Writers Federation tour stop near Calgary, Alberta. Ron describes the business as an “elite breeding genetics farm.” They raise very expensive breeding … Read More

American Gelbvieh Association

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Smart Select Service data management system is being launched by the The American Gelbvieh Association (AGA).  The system provides genetic tools to aid commercial cattlemen in the selection process. It is non-breed specific and is available to commercial producers who want to increase the genetic value of their herds. Smart Select Service has the goal of being the best value; … Read More Focuses on Genetic Improvements in Beef

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A new website called was developed by beef cattle scientists to help producers to have to the latest beef cattle genetics and genomics information. The website, showcased at the 2015 Beef Improvement Federation Conference in Biloxi, Mississippi, is part of the national extension program, an interactive program that delivers research-based information to the public from land-grant universities across the … Read More