John Block Reports on TTIP

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This week in Washington, John Block is reporting on the European Trade Agreement with the United States (TTIP) that is still in the process of negotiation. Should the agreement succeed in passing through both ends of the government, it will be considered an incredible win for agriculture. Recent changes in European legislation, however, are making the success of the agreement … Read More

Dairy Farmer Testifies at Senate Ag Hearing on Biotech

Jamie JohansenAg Group, Biotech, Dairy, GMO

Joanna Lidback, a dairy producer from northeast Vermont and blogger, testified on behalf of Agri-Mark Dairy Cooperative and the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives at a hearing of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, saying the use of crops developed using biotechnology is a key to farmers’ stewardship of the land. Lidback and her husband, first generation farmers … Read More

Chubby Chipotle Campaign Exposes "Burrito Disguise"

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A full-page ad ran in the New York Post last week highlighting the Center for Consumer Freedom‘s Chubby Chipotle campaign.  The ad exposes Chipotle’s “healthy” burritos as 1,500 calorie meals.  The ad also points out that in addition to their Burrito Disguise, Chipotle is also facing a class-action lawsuit for alleged violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. “Chipotle … Read More

Milk Producers Call for National GMO Labeling Standard

John DavisAg Group, GMO, Government

The National Milk Producers Federation says the country needs a national standard when it comes to labeling foods with genetically modified ingredients, as the group also points out that GMOs are perfectly safe. The remarks come as Congress reviews the idea versus the patchwork of state requirements that would confuse consumers and frustrate food marketers. “State-by-state GMO labeling is simply … Read More

Food Dialogue on GMOs

Jamie JohansenAg Group, GMO, USFRA

What do you know about GMOs? Most people not much with the exception that many have been led to believe they are bad. In a recent Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy Kimmel, he took to the streets to ask people what a GMO was and not one person knew, even thought most believed they were bad. In case you don’t know, … Read More