New Moms and Calcium

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This seems like common sense to me, but I guess any positive news about dairy is good news! A study using 62 rats found those that didn’t have enough calcium in their diet, and were breastfeeding, were more likely to have deteriorating bone around their teeth and gums. Breastfeeding rats that had enough calcium didn’t suffer any bone loss. Experts … Read More

Dairy Diet

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Well, the holidays are officially over, and if you’re like me, you’ve piled on a few pounds enjoying all the decadent eats! Here’s the good news: those dairy products you work so hard to help produce could actually be the key to taking off those holiday pounds! Calcium is good for your bones and your blood pressure, and there is … Read More

Bring Chocolate Milk Back!

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This story was a pleasant surprise to me – parents in N.Y. have formed a coalition to bring flavored milk back into their children’s schools. Glad to hear people recognize that chocolate and strawberry milk are better choices than soda. Public school students are drinking 10% less milk than a year ago, which members of the coalition, Advocates for School … Read More

Fortified Milk Improves Health

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Milk, fortified with four minerals and three vitamins, cut the occurrence of respiratory infections and days with severe illness, and could be a well accepted means of improving health, especially amongst pre-schoolers in the developing world, says new research. According to the United Nations World Food Programme, iron deficiency is the most common form of malnutrition, affecting 4.5 billion people … Read More

Sugar Free Dairy Dessert

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Good news for those of us who love dessert, but are watching our sugar intake! Two U.S. food technologists, Drs Bruce Tharp and Steven Young, have developed what is believed to be the first dairy based dessert that contains no sugar, trans fat or lactose. Wonder if it tastes any good? Two top scientists claim to have developed a frozen … Read More

Lactose-Intolerant Still Need Dairy in Diets

Chuck ZimmermanHealth, Milk

The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that those who are lactose-intolerant should still consume some dairy products, such as yogurt or cheese, to ensure adequate calcium intake, especially in children. Staying away from dairy, which is the richest source of calcium in a traditional Western diet, could be having long-term effects on U.S. children’s health. Most older children and … Read More