Living Longer with the Incredible Egg

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Emma Morano, who has recently been declared the world’s oldest living person, believes eggs are the secret to longevity. She’s been eating three eggs a day for decades after a doctor suggested it when she was a young woman. Now, at 116, Morano is believed to be the last documented person alive who was born in the 1800s. The American … Read More

Dairy Groups Continue to Challenge WHO Proposal

Lizzy SchultzAg Group, Dairy Business, Health, International, National Milk

The U.S. dairy industry has urged the White House to challenge a proposal from the World Health Organization (WHO) that discourages the consumption of dairy products by young children. The advice contradicts the recommendations of respected national and global health organizations that endorse milk for its nutritional value. In a letter to the Obama Administration, the International Dairy Foods Association … Read More

Merial Keeping Focus on Equine Gastric Health

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Stomach ulcers are a major veterinary health concern throughout the entire equestrian sport community, as two thirds of competition horses suffer from them, and the Merial equine health team made gastric health a priority in their presentations at the 2016 Midwest Horse Fair. Dr. Andy Bennett, DVM, Veterinary Services Manager for Merial, sat down with AgWired during the Horse Fair … Read More

Alltech Hosting Webinar on Mineral Programs

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Dr. Richard Murphy, research director at Alltech’s European Headquarters and Bioscience Center in Dunboyne, Ireland, will be presenting the latest research comparing different forms of minerals and the hidden ways in which mineral programs can impact poultry and swine operations during an upcoming live webinar “Form matters: Three reasons your mineral program might not be up to par.” The webinar … Read More

Alltech Analyzes Mycotoxins in DDGs

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Since the release of Alltech’s 2015 North America Harvest Analysis results, some pork and poultry producers have found that dried distiller’s grains (DDGs), a byproduct of ethanol production that is gaining popularity as a pork and poultry feed, are a new source for mycotoxin contamination. DDGs are created during ethanol production, when yeast utilizes the highly digestible starch materials to … Read More

Dairy Groups Challenge WHO Proposal on Milk

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This week, the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) and the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) sent a letter to Congress that urges members to insist that the United States request a more thorough analysis of a World Health Organization (WHO) proposal that seeks to discourage parents from feeding toddlers milk and dairy products. WHO issued “Ending Inappropriate Marketing of Foods … Read More

VitaFerm Offering Free Fetal Development Wheel

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VitaFerm has designed a unique Fetal Development Wheel to help producers successfully manage their herd’s nutritional needs during breeding, conception, and throughout the various stages of bovine fetal development. The free wheel is based on the work of Dr. Kim Vonnahme, an associate professor at North Dakota State University with expertise in reproductive physiology, nutritional impacts on fetal and placental … Read More

Iowa Farm Bureau Releases Antibiotic Report

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A new report by the Iowa Farm Bureau Spokesman, “Antibiotic Stewardship on the Farm,” takes a detailed look at what the new protocols mean for consumers and farmers and how Iowa livestock farmers continue to improve practices on the farm. “Although research has never established a direct link between the use of medically important antibiotics used in raising food animals … Read More

Alltech Helping Growers Meet Goals

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Alltech Crop Science was working hard during the 2016 Commodity Classic, talking with growers about new ways to help them raise their bottom line during the tough growing season and sharing their latest yield-boosting technologies with attendees. “With commodity prices down, we have got to increase yield to make sure growers are making money at the end of the season,” … Read More