Ice Cream + Brain = Pleasure

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Maggie MoosMaybe somebody was skeptical about ice cream being pleasing to the brain and the taste buds. Whatever the reason, MaggieMoos Ice Cream & Treatery decided to get some scientific evidence to prove it. I say “duh.” My brain’s been telling me ice cream is good since I had my tonsils out in first grade (actually even before that).

MooBella Ice Cream Now!

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MooBellaMy favorite dessert is ice cream. I want to see these next to every soda machine in the country! MooBella machines. Freshly made ice cream when and where I want it. Even mixed with the toppings I want like cookies’n’cream and walnuts.

Dairy Fresh Ice Cream Coming Soon

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Dairy Fresh FarmsPretty soon we’ll have a new ice cream competitor here in North America. Canada’s Dairy Fresh Farms is planning to “launch its highly awaited “healthy” decadent ice cream for the Summer of 2006, and compete in the $22 billion USD North American ice cream market.”