Leon's Dairy Diary

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Chuck introduced you to Leon the Milkman and his blog a few days ago, and now Leon has ventured where previously only folks like Webster have dared to tread – The Dictionary!

Guard Your Cows… The Aliens Are Coming!

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Alien Warning Sign

I have officially found the coolest website of all time. The California Milk Processor Board, the Got Milk people, has launched cowabduction.com – The official site tracking the alien abduction of dairy cows around the globe. Site features are numerous, including video of victims’ herdowners, pictures of the missing and exploited cows, tips and tricks to ward off the alien abducters, and frequently asked questions about the aliens and the missing cows. There is also a feature where you can warn your friends and neighbors of the dangers of cow abduction. The site is fun, fun, and really really fun. Check it out, and let me know your favorite part.

He May Not Be Much To Look At…

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… but he thinks he can write!

So Chuck couldn’t make me hot – It’s tough being a broadcaster sometimes – When the camera comes out, usually. In fact, my Dad called me when I got my first radio job and congratulated me on getting a position that really suited me. Looking for some more platitudes, I asked Dad what made him say sucha thing, to which he promptly replied, “You sure have a face for it.” I knew then that I would always have a strong fan base.