Social Media Important To Dairy Farmers

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Let’s just say that social media has been very, very good to ZimmComm New Media, publishers of World Dairy Diary. It is also the hottest topic in agricultural communications of the last year. At the Alltech Global 500 it was also a key topic during our morning general session. I joined Alltech’s, Billy Frey, on stage to present what social … Read More

Yeo Valley Raps About Dairy

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You have to stand-up and notice when a dairy company releases an “edgy” advertisement for their product. Yeo Valley, in Blagdon, England, gained Twitter fame yesterday among the #Agchat group for this video of dairy farmers rapping about their products. Check it out! Source: Yeo Valley

Do You Know a California Farmer?

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These days, everyone is talking about the advantages of knowing the farmers who grow your food. If you live in California, you’ll have a particular interest in the new website: Know a California Farmer. This interactive farm and ranch experience is brought to you by hundreds of farmers throughout the nation’s number one agricultural state. They represent farms and ranches … Read More

Speak Up for Dairy Through Social Media

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The farm community’s social media presence is gaining recognition. Have you told your dairy farm story today? There are many tools to help you become active on social media. When a video of dairy cows being punched and prodded with pitchforks was recently released by an animal rights group, it made the rounds on YouTube and generated the expected angry … Read More

Lindner is 63rd Alice in Dairyland

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Congratulations to Christine (Lepple) Lindner for being named the 63rd Alice in Dairyland! She was one of six final candidates for the public relations job that carries six decades of Wisconsin agricultural tradition. “My goal as Alice in Dairyland is to encourage consumers to take action with their dollars in supporting Wisconsin agriculture by buying locally-grown products,” Lindner said. “As … Read More

Calif. Family Farms Debuts

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California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) has introduced their new “Family Farms” advertising campaign. Get to know nine real California dairy farmers who shared their stories in 30-second commercials. Each commercial features an actual dairy family telling their story, in their own words. “We want to help consumers put the face on the farmer responsible for the dairy foods they enjoy. … Read More

McDonald's Encourages Kids to "Shrek Out" Happy Meal

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McDonald’s is launching a new campaign featuring milk, fruits, vegetables and Shrek! Get your kids to “Shrek Out” their Happy Meals by ordering Apple Dippers and low-fat white or chocolate milk. Kids can also visit the new online site “State M” to play games and interact with Shrek characters. McDonald’s announced it has teamed up with DreamWorks Animation for the … Read More

The Hershey Company "Wraps"

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With Friday here, and the Northeast dealing with yet more snow, here’s a fun way to gear up for the weekend. The Hershey Company has released a “wrap” video featuring the Sniper Twins. “We do a lot of wrapping with a ‘W.’ It’s an intentional play on words,” Hershey spokeswoman Jody Cook said of the new rap music video the … Read More

Marburger Dairy to be Featured on History Channel

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The History Channel will be highlighting Pennsylvania’s Marburger Farm Dairy and its famous buttermilk on the channel’s “Food Tech”. The episode will be broadcast on March 4 at 9:00 p.m. EST. Food Tech host and self-proclaimed food connoisseur Bobby Bognar travels around the country breaking down exactly where and how food gets from the ground, farm or even factory all … Read More

Hudson Lastest to Wear Milk Mustache

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Jennifer Hudson is the newest milk mustache wearing celeb. Check out behind the scenes video and photos here. Her ad “The taste of fame” reads: “Center stage, silver screen, joyful new mom. How do I keep this show on the road? Milk. Its wholesome goodness helps make my family strong at every stage. Talk about a powerful performance.” With her … Read More