BioZyme’s New Concept·Aid Power Block for Cattle

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BioZyme Inc. brand VitaFerm® is now offering its highly bioavailable Concept·Aid® breeding mineral in a convenient Power Block delivery system. “The Concept·Aid Power Block is a convenient delivery system designed to optimize forage digestion while enhancing reproductive performance,” said Twig Marston, BioZyme Technical Sales Field Manager. “Concept·Aid Power Blocks are formulated to deliver the same high-quality minerals, trace minerals and … Read More

Alltech Hosting Webinar on Mineral Programs

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Dr. Richard Murphy, research director at Alltech’s European Headquarters and Bioscience Center in Dunboyne, Ireland, will be presenting the latest research comparing different forms of minerals and the hidden ways in which mineral programs can impact poultry and swine operations during an upcoming live webinar “Form matters: Three reasons your mineral program might not be up to par.” The webinar … Read More

BioZyme's Vita Charge Product Demand

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To keep up with demand, BioZyme’s Vita Charge® product line recently built a small-package manufacturing line at its St. Joseph, MO headquarters. This creates greater flexibility, capacity and the ability to fill customer orders more quickly. BioZyme also hired a new employee to run the line. “The Vita Charge line of products has experienced tremendous growth over the last four … Read More

Novus Talks Innovation at IPPE

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The animal nutrition innovators behind Novus International are on hand at this week’s International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) to meet with customers and industry professionals. Scott Hine, Chief Innovation Offer for Novus, sat down with AgWired during the event to discuss some of the company’s innovative plans for the future, as well as their ongoing mission to use innovation … Read More

Alltech Sponsors 1st Mineral Event at PSA Meeting

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Alltech sponsored the first ever mineral symposium titled, “Changing Insight into the Role of Trace Minerals,” at the annual Poultry Science Association (PSA) meeting, held in Louisville, Kentucky, July 27-30. This symposium reflected on the broad range of new information about trace elements and suggested several ways of putting this science to good use in building broiler, breeder, layer and … Read More

New GemStone™ Organic Trace Minerals

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Phibro Animal Health Corporation has launched GemStone™, a new line of organic trace minerals, building on Prince Agri Products’ decades of experience in mineral nutrition. Chelated organic trace minerals help promote health and productivity for dairy and beef cattle, poultry, swine, aquaculture and companion animals. The GemStone line includes zinc, copper, manganese and iron compounds. These organic trace minerals use … Read More

The Revolution of Precision Nutrition

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Chuck recently spoke to ADM’s Jeff Hill about their product AMPT which is revolutionizing mineral nutrition. “AMPT is a new range cow free choice mineral. As the acronym implies AMPT stands for Advanced Mineral Performance Technologies. We took a very specific approach trying to target just the nutrients that the animal needs at the right levels and also enhance it … Read More