A Breakfast Pizza

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Breakfast Bagel PizzaEnenthough I just ate breakfast (I had cheese on my eggs!), this still looks good to me. It looks easy and I’m sure it’s good. We’ll have to give it a try here at home.

Dairy May Be Heart Healthy

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American Heart AssociationSome new research suggests that eating low-fat dairy products could lower your blood pressure. That’s according to research reported in Hypertension: Journal of the American Heart Association.

FDA Thinks Restaurants Should Sell More Milk

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Sounds like a fine idea to me. I sat at an Ohio State Ag Alumni awards banquet last year with an alum from the dairy biz. I was thrilled, being a multi-gallon per week milk drinker, when he ordered a pitcher of the milk for the whole table. His comment was that he was always amazed when he took his dairy clients to dinner that they rarely ordered milk, so he ordered it for them. Sounds like a good policy to me, like fueling your farm equipment with soy biodiesel or driving a flex-fuel car.

Selenium May Boost Bugs' Immunity

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That same mineral you may be using in your ration may be keeping the bugs in the field from getting sick. The latest research out from USDA’s Ag Research Service suggests that moderate dietary levels of selenium may actually strengthen insect immunity. Typically, high levels of selenium are toxic to pests, but studies with cabbage looper moths and tobacco budworms found that the group raised on artificially high, though not toxic, levels of selenium had a stronger immune response system, therefore lowering the effectiveness of microbial biological control agents used against them.

The Raw Milk Debate Continues

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Ohio has become Ground Zero for the Raw Milk debate. It is, to put it mildly, a passionate debate, with folks on either side clinging valiantly to their beliefs. We’ve been tracking a bill in the Ohio legislature that would change our state’s position on Raw Milk from one of prohibiting sales of Raw Milk to one where the trade of Raw Milk is perfectly legal in a given set of regulatory circumstances.