2007 to be a Better Year

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It’s always heartening to hear about stronger milk prices for our producers. Click here to read the entire story. Higher feed prices will be partially offset by higher milk prices. The U.S. dairy herd is expected to decline modestly from 9,115 million in 2006 to 9,040 million in 2007. Recent dairy cow slaughter has been above a year earlier. Some … Read More

Low Price in France

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Seems that the milk price is a universal discussion among dairy producers. French dairymen are feeling the sting of a low price too. Milk producers in France have used an industry meeting to call for higher farmgate prices and again condemn cuts over the last five years, revealing ongoing tension between farmers and dairy firms in the EU. Representatives from … Read More

Class I Price

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The Class I price will begin the New Year at $13.59, according to last Friday’s announcement of the January Class I price. That’s a $1.16 gain versus December and 21 cents higher than the January 2006 price. The price hike means the January Milk Income Loss Contract payment will be just three cents per hundredweight, which is about 40 cents … Read More