Pillow Positions Cows for Comfort

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A dairy housing company based in Northern Ireland has designed a new pillow to make cows even more comfortable. J Wilson Agriculture was helped by Invest Northern Ireland to design, manufacture and internationally market the product, called moovApillow, which they say would be a first of its kind to be marketed for the comfort of dairy cattle. According to Andrew … Read More

If It's Not From Cows, It's Not Milk

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National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) took a stance this week, a decade after it first asked the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to crack down on the misappropriation of dairy terminology on imitation milk products. Not only did NMPF send another petition to the FDA, asserting that the practice has gotten worse in the past 10 years, it also … Read More

High Volume Dairy Implements Robotic Palletizing

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Packworld.com recently released this information about a new plant packaging for butter products using robots. This is pretty cool. For more information, download the white paper on this topic here. California Dairies’ Turlock, Calif., plant produces more than 170 different SKUs of butter in case sizes ranging from 8 to 55 pounds. This Motoman case history describes the plant’s transition … Read More

Alpharma Helps Producers Protect Investment

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2009 World Dairy Expo coverage sponsored by: World Dairy Expo Photo Album With today’s economic situation in the dairy industry, it is very wise for producers to do all they can to protect the investment they have made in their animals. At World Dairy Expo, I talked with Lance Fox of Alpharma about maximizing disease protection in the first critical … Read More

Understanding Traits To Shape Dairy Cows’ Future

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Here is a pretty cool new feature that was on display at the Holstein UK’s stand at the Dairy Event and Livestock Show. Called the “Virtual Cow,” this computer program allows producers to look at a three-dimensional image of the ideal cow in comparison to cows of poorer quality. This system should help producers select future breeding pieces for their … Read More

Coke Introduces Vio

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Have any of our WDD readers tasted the new Coca-Cola fizzy milk product called Vio? Let me know what you thought of it! Vio is a blend of skim milk, sparkling water and fruit. It is available in four flavors peach-mango, very berry, citrus burst and tropical colada. Like a modernized version of Strawberry Quik for the slightly more sophisticated … Read More

Van Beek Natural Science Introduces CalviRanch for Newborn Calves

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Van Beek Natural Science is excited to introduce CalviRanch, a feed supplement that protects newborn calves from stress induced scours with its unique mode of action. The right balance of pectin and charcoal help remove toxins while coating the intestinal wall, thus proactively working against GI problems before they start. In addition, CalviRanch contains DFMs and enzymes, which promote digestive … Read More

Vermont Farmers Cut Cows' Emissions by Altering Diets

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The Associated Press recently reported on dairy farmers who have made efforts to reduce cow emissions by altering the diets of their dairy cows. By feeding flax seed, alfalfa and grass, instead of corn and soybeans, the farmers have been able to greatly reduce their carbon footprint. What do you think about climate change discussions? Do you think these are … Read More

Positive Media Coverage for June Dairy Month

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The United Business Media PR Newswire posted some positive media coverage for June Dairy Month, boasting the nutritional benefits of milk, cheese and yogurt. PR Newswire is the global leader in innovative communications and marketing services, enabling organizations to connect and engage with their target audiences worldwide. This media outlet provided an in-depth, insightful look at the wonderful world of … Read More

Two New Milk Drinks Launched

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Attitude Drinks Incorporated is launching two unique and innovative milk drinks. Recognizing the increasing consumer demands for healthy, convenient and functional beverages, these formulations deliver the benefits of milk, using technology and science never before introduced in the beverage industry. Phase III™ ‘Recovery’ will be introduced to address the growing need for sophisticated, exercise recovery solutions. Designed to exploit the … Read More