Silage Preparation Tips From Hubbard Feeds?

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As harvest approaches for corn silage growers, it has become paramount to start walking fields in order to determine how the crop is progressing. As harvest timing can be critical in achieving high-quality corn silage that delivers optimal performance for livestock, the team at Hubbard Feeds has provided the following checklist for ensuring a successful harvest: 1) Optimal Dry Matter: … Read More

BioZyme Develops Natural Silage Additive

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If not fermented properly, silage can lose valuable energy, protein and fiber components that are often destroyed during the ensiling process. BioZyme Inc. has developed AmaSile, a natural silage additive scientifically formulated to reduce the time required to properly ferment, minimize nutrient loss and reduce spoilage by undesirable bacteria. “AmaSile works to stimulate the growth and development of beneficial microorganisms … Read More

Gowan Announces Dairy Guarantee Program

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Gowan USA, LLC recently announced that its new Affiance Fungicide Guarantee Program is available for dairy producers throughout the United States. “We’re so confident in the ability of Affiance Fungicide to increase the feed value of corn silage that we’re offering this ironclad guarantee,” stated Chad Dyer, Affiance Product Manager for Gowan. “Dairy producers just need to purchase one case … Read More

New Silage Additive Helps Minimize Nutrient Loss

Lizzy SchultzAg Group, BioZyme, corn, Feed, Nutrition, Research, Silage

BioZyme® Inc. recently announced the development of AmaSile, a natural silage additive that is helping to stabilize the fermentation process, reduce the time required by silage to properly ferment, minimize nutrient loss, and reduce spoilage by undesirable bacteria. “AmaSile works to stimulate the growth and development of beneficial microorganisms that speed up and stabilize the fermentation process,” said Dorothy Orts, … Read More

New Holland 1st Cut Winner – Tyler Egeland

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Here’s a first in a series of interviews with the winners of the New Holland 1st Cut Competition. I spoke by phone with Tyler Egeland of Iowa who submitted a very creative photo into the contest. Tyler proposes to his girl friend by cutting the words, “Lauren, will you marry me?” into an alfalfa field using a New Holland Speedrower. … Read More

Miller’s Ag Bag Silage Bagger

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Audio, Equipment, Hay, New Holland, Silage

If you haven’t heard of the Ag Bag, now is the time to learn. While at the National Farm Machinery Show, Chuck spoke with Stashia Bittner with Miller who owns Ag Bag, to learn more about the equipment and what they can offer farmers across the country. “Ag Bag machines are used to bag silage. The concept started in 1970 … Read More

New Insights for Corn Silage Harvest

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, corn, Nutrition, Silage

A recent field study of fresh chop corn silage shows that waiting for that last 3 to 5 percent of starch fill may not be worth it – especially if you intend to feed that silage to lactating dairy cows. As the plant matures and kernel starch fill continues, the rumen digestibility of the starch decreases, explains Dr. David Weakley, … Read More

Calibrate Shows How to Reduce New Corn Silage Slump

John DavisCattle, corn, Silage

A new test could help cattle producers reduce a phenomenum called new corn silage slump. Calibrate® Technologies has a new testing system that keep cows’ production on track shows by showing producers corn silage starch and fiber digestibility factors. Corn silage is highly variable, says Dr. David Weakley, director of dairy forage research for Calibrate® Technologies. Crude starch, rumen degradable … Read More

New Holland Introduces The MegaCutter

Chuck ZimmermanAgribusiness, Audio, Silage

It kind of sounds like a Transformers character, MegaCutter. Actually, it’s one of the new products from New Holland that was on the display floor at the 2012 National Farm Machinery Show. Pictured in front of the unit is Jordan Milewski, Marketing Specialist, Hay & Forage Brand Marketing for New Holland. I spoke to him about this new addition to … Read More