Sorghum Partners Powers Yield Winner

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Peter Fleming of Triple Creek Farms in Yadkin County, North Carolina loves growing sorghum. “I love to watch it grow, I love to harvest it, it’s a beautiful crop,” said Fleming, who was the National Non-Irrigated Food-Grade winner in the National Sorghum Producers 2016 yield contest with almost 123 bushels per acre. His family farm has been growing sorghum – … Read More

Sorghum Offers Feed Advantages

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There is more than just corn when it comes to feed and opportunities for sorghum are growing, says Florentino Lopez, executive director of the United Sorghum Checkoff program who spoke about sorghum utilization trends at last week’s Export Exchange 2016, a conference sponsored by U.S. Grains Council (USGC) and the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) every other year for international buyers … Read More

Chromatin Offers Relief to Producers Hurt by Fire

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The Anderson Creek Fire destroyed more than 400,000 and now Chromatin, Inc. is moving in to help farmers and ranchers.  The company will be providing producers with seed that will rapidly feed livestock or cover the ground to prevent soil erosion. “We are saddened to hear of the tragic damage caused by this fire to crops, pastures and livestock in … Read More

Advanta Seed's Sorghum Research Focus on Cattle

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Technical Development Manager, Travis Kidd, talked to me at the recent NAFB Trade Talk about Advanta Seed’s grain sorghum hybrids. Their advanced traits provide drought tolerance and resistance to disease and pests. Research plays a big part of Travis’ job. One of those projects is with Texas Tech University who they have teamed up with to do some product testing … Read More

Texas A&M Extension Conduct Sorghum Trials

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Agronomists at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service have been conducting research trials on sorghum silage revealing the importance of identifying forage type and variety to optimize quantity and quality. Dr. Jourdan Bell, AgriLife Extension agronomist in Amarillo, said the 2014 trials in Potter County under center pivot irrigation evaluated 90 forage sorghum silage varieties for optimal yield and quality. Bell … Read More