Legacy Common Swine Operations Audit Announced

Joanna SchroederAgribusiness, Animal Health, Animal Welfare, Pork, Swine, World Pork Expo

Chris Novak, CEO of the National Pork Board, announced plans for a new common industry audit platform for pork producers, packers and processors. Using the existing Pork Quality Assurance Plus (PQA Plus) program as the foundation, the year-long audit team is nearing the final stages of completion and the initial common audit framework. The program was unveiled during World Pork … Read More

NPPC President at World Pork Expo

Joanna SchroederAudio, NPPC, Pork, Swine, World Pork Expo

Each year people from around the world come to World Pork Expo (WPX) and ask the question: what new things will I find there? So I asked Dr. Howard Hill, National Pork Producer Council (NPPC) president, veterinarian and Iowa pork producer, that question and his answer: a lot. A few highlights he mentioned included all the press conferences and seminars … Read More

Pork Producers Oppose Japan’s TPP Demands

Cindy ZimmermanAgribusiness, NPPC, Pork, Swine, Trade, World Pork Expo

Pending trade deals, particularly the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), will be among the topics on the plate – along with lots of barbequed pork! – at the World Pork Expo this week. Just last week, the National Pork Producers Council joined with dairy, wheat and rice organizations in calling on the Obama administration to conclude the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations … Read More

Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding System

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Pork, Swine, World Pork Expo

Nedap continues to improve sow performance with its electronic sow management system in the United States. Their electronic sow feeding system has been implemented on key operations in the U.S., with sow managers finding multiple production benefits, including: greater consistency in body condition scores, better conception rates, minimized stress on the sows and a more balanced sow parity structure. The … Read More