Walking The Cows

Chuck ZimmermanWorld Dairy Expo

Cow WalkingAs I said in my last post, there’s a lot of people walking cows but then there’s a lot of cows being shown.

These guys are on their way to the show ring.

Professional Cow Photography

Chuck ZimmermanWorld Dairy Expo

Waiting For A PictureYou’ll see lots of cows being walked here at Expo. This lady is actually waiting to have her picture taken with her show animal. There’s a photographer here with a tent outside that’s taking professional shots.

Me, I’m just an amateur and I don’t charge for my pictures. At least not yet.

The Ring Is Alive With Music

Chuck ZimmermanWorld Dairy Expo

Show RingIt’s hard not to keep taking pictures of the ring in the Coliseum since there’s so much going on there. Today there’s a number of shows like the International Junior Holstein, Central National Ayrshire and Central National Jersey Shows.

The ring is actually a very peaceful place when you consider all the activity going on with animals and people moving in and out. When the ring announcer isn’t talking though they play a little polka music.

If you want to get a “taste” of what it sounds like then listen here: Download MP3 File

FFA Day At Expo

Chuck ZimmermanWorld Dairy Expo

FFAOpening day is also FFA Day so there’s lots of members here to see all they can see.

Here’s a fine looking group all hanging together. Wonder if they’ll still be in this close knit group by the end of the day?

Plenty of Cheese For Sampling

Chuck ZimmermanExhibitor, World Dairy Expo

Cheese ExhibitHungry for some good tasting Wisconsin products? I was and still am. Pictured here is Pasture Pride Cheese. They were serving Juusto.

You need to check out the “America’s Dairyland Marketplace.” It’s located in the exhibit hall and is a showcase of crafts and food products unique in the Dairy State.

You can see, taste and purchase some of Wisconsin’s finest.

Theme For 2006 – Dairy Central

Chuck ZimmermanWorld Dairy Expo

2006 ThemeWhile I was in the media room a little while ago I found out about next year’s “theme” for World Dairy Expo. It’s already designed and they were providing us with posters.

So here’s your first look at next year’s theme – Dairy Central. Let us know what you think!

You can learn more about the themes for World Dairy Expo on their website.

Listen To The Audio Billboard

Chuck ZimmermanWorld Dairy Expo

While you’re outside wandering around the Expo grounds you’ll hear announcements with music. They sound like they’ve been professionally recorded and they are! They are audio billboards and are meant to thank sponsors and bring your attention to things that are going on.

There’s even one about World Dairy Diary! You can listen to it here: Download MP3 File

Outside Exhibit Area Steaming

Chuck ZimmermanExhibitor, World Dairy Expo

Outside ExhibitsThere’s a lot to see outside here at Expo. That’s not smoke in the picture, it’s a misting steam from one of the exhibits you’ll find here on the grounds.

Besides all the equipment there’s plenty of good food being served as well.

Reporters Are Arriving To Cover Expo

Chuck ZimmermanWorld Dairy Expo

Media RoomThere’s a lot of reporters representing all kinds of media companies that cover Expo and they have a little home of their own here.

As an international show there are also reporters from other countries. Keeping up with them, getting them all the information they need and helping when they need something is a full time job for some staff members. I’ll have some photos of media in action here shortly.