Healthy Pizza Offered to Students

News EditorDairy Checkoff

School is back in session, and dairy farmers are helping provide a more nutritious pizza option to student through the national dairy checkoff’s work with the Domino’s® Smart Slice school pizza program. Domino’s Smart Slice – which satisfies increasingly stringent school nutrition guidelines – will be delivered to more than 1,300 schools representing more than 220 districts this year. The … Read More

Top Jersey Milk Cheeses

News EditorCheese

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2nd World Jersey Cheese Awards, an initiative of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau (WJCB)! In 2008 the World Jersey Cattle Bureau launched the world’s first produce awards dedicated to a single breed of livestock – The World Jersey Cheese Awards. The concept was simple: demonstrate the quality and diversity of cheeses made … Read More

Eat Cheese, Stay Healthy

News EditorCheese, Research

Here’s some good news for older adults – scientists in Finland have discovered that cheese can help preserve and enhance the immune system by acting as a carrier for probiotic bacteria. The research, published in FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology, reveals that daily consumption of probiotic cheese helps to tackle age-related changes in the immune system. “The increase in the … Read More

Plant in Calif. to Close

News EditorIndustry News

Dairy processor Land O’ Lakes is closing its cheese plant in Tulare, Calif. and laying off 80 employees. The competition for milk among the region’s larger dairy processors played a role in the company’s decision, milk industry officials said. “Idling the Tulare cheese plant was a difficult decision that was driven by a variety of factors,” said Jerry Kaminski, Land … Read More

CWT Accepts Bids to Export Cheese

News Editorcwt, Export

Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) has accepted four bids from Darigold and two bids from Foremost Farms for export assistance for a total of 959 metric tons (2.1 million pounds) of Cheddar cheese to the Middle East. Product will be delivered in April and May 2010. CWT reactivated the Export Assistance program on March 18, 2010. Economic analysis clearly indicated that … Read More

Swiss Gruyere Named World Champion

News EditorCheese, Competition

An international panel of expert judges recently named a Swiss Gruyere cheese as the 2010 World Championship Cheese. The World Championship Cheese Contest is the largest international cheese and butter competition in the world, held biennial in Wisconsin. Cédric Vuille, cheesemaker at Fromagerie de La Brévine in La Brévine, Switzerland, took top honors out of 2,318 entries from 20 countries … Read More

Domino's Success is Good for Dairy

News EditorCheese

Have you tried an American Legends pizza yet from Domino’s? The pizza, which uses 40% more cheese, is one reason why Domino’s was able to report a profit for 2009, and is good news for dairy farmers. The improving sales prospects for Domino’s Pizza, Inc., could help deliver a boost for slumping cheese prices. Domino’s, which owns or franchises more … Read More

Sargento Introduces Reduced Sodium Cheeses

News EditorCheese

Sargento Foods Inc. has announced the introduction of a new series of Reduced Sodium cheeses! he six new varieties include Colby-Jack slices, Provolone slices, Colby-Jack snack sticks, String snacks, Mild Cheddar shredded cheese and Mozzarella shredded cheese. The series offer great flavor for health-conscious consumers looking to indulge their passion for cheese, without having to sacrifice taste. With 25 percent … Read More

USDA will Purchase Cheese from CCC

News EditorGovernment, Industry News

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced that approximately $60 million in cheese and cheese products will be purchased by the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) for use in domestic feeding programs through USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service. USDA is expediting this cheese purchase to help provide much-needed support for low-income families struggling to put nutritious food on … Read More

15 Year Cheddar Now on Sale

News EditorCheese

Karen Herzog of the Journal Sentinel reported on Friday that the country’s oldest and priciest cheddar has been released by a world champion cheese-maker. It’s a 15-year-old cheddar made by Hook’s Cheese Company of Mineral Point, Wis. What an amazing story – wish I could get my hands on some of this cheese – cheddar is one of my favorites! … Read More