BouMatic Debuts Robotic Spray System

Cindy Zimmerman

world dairy expo 2010 boumaticWhen the exhibit judges saw what BouMatic had on display at the 2010 World Dairy Expo, it was no contest who was getting the Best Large Booth award.

world dairy expo 2010 boumaticThe Robotic Post Milking Spray System was quite an attention-getter at the expo. “After the cow is milked, this system will apply teat dip automatically and consistently as the cows come through the system,” says BouMatic’s John Mansavage, who says the machine can take the place of three full time employees on a commercial dairy.

They still have a few tweaks to do before the system becomes commercially available, so John didn’t give a time frame for that, nor would he say how much it might cost, but he says it will be well worth it in terms of saving labor costs.

Listen to my interview with John from World Dairy Expo here. John Mansavage Interview

Watch the system in action here:

2010 World Dairy Expo Photo Album

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