Senate Panel Hears From Dairy Producers

Cindy Zimmerman

Senate Agriculture Committee members this week heard directly from dairy producers, industry groups and processors about what can be done to address the current economic crisis in the dairy industry. Proposed short and long term solutions ranged from the government buying more cheese to complete restructuring of U.S. dairy policy. Eric Ooms, a producer from New York, told the panel …

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Dairy Farmers, Task Force Grapple With Policy Reform

Amanda Nolz

Dave Lefever with Lancaster Farming wrote an article titled, “Dairy Farmers, Task Force Grapple With Policy Reform,” and it highlights the efforts of dairy producers in dealing with dairy policy reform. Stay up-to-date on the issues and check out this informative article. Dean Jackson’s dad told him that a roomful of farmers would never agree on a solution to a …

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Milking Parlor Podcast on Dairy Issues

Cindy Zimmerman

This edition of the Milking Parlor podcast focuses on what is being done on the national level to address the current dairy industry crisis. From congressional actions to USDA to the dairy industry itself, we hear from Congressman John Boccieri, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, University of Wisconsin Ag Economist Dr. Bruce Jones and National Milk Producers Federation …

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AP reports dairy plans to engineer “cow of the future”

Amanda Nolz

The Associated Press released an article reporting the U.S. dairy industry plans to engineer the “cow of the future.” This “ideal” cow would pass less gas as part of its project aimed at cutting the industry’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 25 percent by 2020. The article lists several other GHG emission projects that will be explored including turning digester-generated …

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WDD's "Bookmarkable Blog"

News Editor

Our friend, Keith Good, is the founder and editor of our next “Bookmarkable Blog” – Keith’s site provides a daily summary of news relating to U.S. farm policy. covers issues associated with the U.S. and global agricultural economy, including the Farm Bill, production agriculture, trade, biofuels and crop insurance. Keith has an extensive background in Midwest agriculture, having …

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FDA Thinks Restaurants Should Sell More Milk

Andy Vance

Sounds like a fine idea to me. I sat at an Ohio State Ag Alumni awards banquet last year with an alum from the dairy biz. I was thrilled, being a multi-gallon per week milk drinker, when he ordered a pitcher of the milk for the whole table. His comment was that he was always amazed when he took his dairy clients to dinner that they rarely ordered milk, so he ordered it for them. Sounds like a good policy to me, like fueling your farm equipment with soy biodiesel or driving a flex-fuel car.

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