Interest Growing for Robotic Milking Systems

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Between the growing world’s increased production demands, consistently low milk prices, and the public push for stricter production and quality standards, dairy farmers are facing several significant challenges. Innovative solutions are necessary to help producers navigate through the changes and pressures facing the industry, and more farmers than ever are turning to automation technology from companies like GEA. The company … Read More

Conewango Introduces the Evolution X1 Milking Liner

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The Evolution X1 Milking Liner has officially been released by Conewango. The liner was designed to help dairy producers increase milking speed without increasing vacuum levels. “Evolution X1 combines the best features of our gentle, low-vacuum Evolution X with high milking-speed design,” said Conewango General Manager Jeff Perkins. “It’s also the ideal solution for dairy producers who want a higher-capacity, … Read More

GEA Rotary Parlors with AutoRotor™ PerFormer CX360

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The GEA AutoRotor™ PerFormer CX360 has taken rotary parlors to the next level with its new design, increased labor efficiency and improved cow comfort while also including a five-year warranty on the platform and rollers. “For more than two decades, rotary parlors have revolutionized dairy production around the world and now the AutoRotor™ PerFormer CX360 advances them to a whole … Read More

Win A Barn Full of Evolution® Low-Slip Milking Liners

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Dairy producers now have a chance to win a barn full of new Evolution Low-Slip Milking Liners, up to a $2,500 value, in a new social media promotion sponsored by Conewango. To enter, dairy producers can like and share select posts on the Evolution Liners Facbook. No purchase is necessary. Complete rules are available at EvolutionLiners. “Liner slip is a … Read More

GEA Robotic Milkers Impress at WDE

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GEA Engineering Group made an impressive presence at the 2015 World Dairy Expo, showcasing an expansive trade show booth centered around the company’s DairyProQ robotic rotary milking parlor. “It’s been the center point of the booth, there have been lots of people talking about it, lots of people coming and looking at it,” said Robotic Sales Specialist Paul Burdell during … Read More

Innovation Changes Everything at DeLaval

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Dairy in our DNA was the theme for the 2015 World Dairy Expo and Mark Futcher, market development manager for DeLaval’s capital goods and equipment portfolio in North America, said they have that. They have been supporting and servicing the dairy industry globally since 1878. Innovation changes everything was the take home messages as you walked through their booth. On … Read More

Robotics for Large Dairies with DairyProQ

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GEA’s DairyProQ is a fully automated robotic rotary milking parlor and it’s now available to North American. DairyProQ revolutionizes the way large-scale dairies can capture efficiencies in robotic milking. “DairyProQ brings commercial dairies the efficiency of rotary parlors combined with the consistency of robotic udder prep and milking,” says Matt Daley, head of GEA’s milking and dairy farming sales in … Read More

World's Largest Robotic Milking Installation Now in Operation

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The van Leeuwen dairy farm in New Zealand has become the site of the world’s largest robotic milking installation for free cow traffic under one roof. With twenty four new DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS™ the 1,500-cow barn in Makikhi South Canterbury has gone from milking zero to 750 cows in just seven days in just half the space available. … Read More

1st North American DairyProQ Breaks Ground

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GEA Farm Technologies is proud to announce that ground has been broken on the first North American installation of DairyProQ, a revolutionary milking system allowing farms to install individual, fully automatic, robotic milking stall modules on a rotary parlor. The installation of the 72-stall DairyProQ rotary parlor is occurring at Mlsna East Town Dairy, Cashton, Wis., where the groundbreaking was … Read More

GEA Farm Technologies' Contour™ Mattress System

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GEA Farm Technologies is very excited to bring dairy producers a better way of thinking about cow bedding. The new, patent pending Contour™ Mattress System is a premium air mattress system for the ultimate in cow comfort and support. This unique bedding choice provides an alternative to deep-bedded sand or solids. Plus, the Contour improves top dress material retention compared … Read More