NPPC President Pleased with Pork Expo

cindy zimmerman

The National Pork Producers Association (NPPC) has been presenting World Pork Expo since 1987, and this year may go down as one of the best and biggest.

“Last year we had 20,000 visitors and we think we may go over that this year,” says Ken Maschhoff, NPPC president and Illinois pork producer. The weather has been great and there are 450 companies exhibiting in the expanded trade show and about 1,000 international guests from 40 different countries.

“Expo is truly an international show, with visitors and exhibitors from throughout the world,” says Maschhoff who says there is a lot of excitement about the industry but there is a big need to increase exports right now.

“We’re going to have to sell more pork abroad and that means trade,” said Maschhoff. “Producers are concerned about trade, especially now with TPP off the table.”

Listen to Jamie’s interview with Ken here: Interview with Ken Maschhoff, NPPC president

2017 World Pork Expo photos

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Coverage of the World Pork Expo is sponsored by Aptimmune
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Pork Board Announces Secure Pork Supply Plan

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The National Pork Board, with support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has announced a new program at the World Pork Expo.  The Secure Pork Supply Plan is a voluntary program designed to support American farmers during a foreign animal disease outbreak.

“The plan basically impacts producers in providing a mechanism for them to be able to differentiate themselves in an outbreak- prior to the outbreak occurring,” says veterinarian and director of swine health program for Pork Checkoff, Patrick Webb. “Our state animal health officials have to have certain pieces of information to allow movements to occur when producers are located in a disease control area. This program allows them the ability to provide that information very quickly during an outbreak, as opposed to having to develop all of that after an outbreak.”

The plan is supported by health officials, not only because it will support them during an outbreak, but also because it can help with understanding where disease is and isn’t. Thankfully the U.S. hasn’t experienced disease like foot-and-mouth in decades, but the plan will put production back to normal exponentially faster than without it. The plan includes information like safe movement of animals from farms in controlled areas, achieving biosecurity, using identification tags, and detailed production records, health papers, and certificates.

You can hear the the Pork Board’s announcement here and listen to Jamie’s interview with Patrick Webb: National Pork Board Presser
Interview with Patrick Webb, National Pork Board

2017 World Pork Expo photos

Coverage of the World Pork Expo is sponsored by
Coverage of the World Pork Expo is sponsored by Aptimmune
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A John Deere Tractor for Every Need

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Dennis Ogle, Senior Marketing Representative, focused on the R Series tractors at John Deere‘s Reveal event in Moline, Illinois last week. They offer almost anything you could want for on-farm jobs, Ogle explains.

From the 1000 tractor to the 8 R option, there are big things to think about. Choose tracked models or wheels, pick the cab comfort level you’ll need for the time spent in the equipment, and decide how much horsepower the operation needs.

“The big thing about the 8R tractors is it’s a versatile tractor,” Ogle says. “A lot of guys within row crops love to use it, a lot of specialty guys. Folks can use it for planting, for tillage, put it on a grain cart, they can ballast it differently, they can change a lot of different features on the settings for optionality to make it really work for their operations.”

The 6 and 7 R family of tractors is equally versital for dairy or hay and forage folks. They offer the horsepower while being compact and maneuverable. The 1000 to 5000 series tractors do utility work– loader work and smaller round baler jobs.

Whatever the need, your local John Deere dealer is the tried and true answer for questions. Listen to Jamie’s interview with Ogle here: Interview with Dennis Ogle, John Deere

2017 John Deere Reveal Photo Album

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Aptimmune Launches World’s First Mucosal PRRSV Vaccine

cindy zimmerman

On opening day of World Pork Expo, Aptimmune Biologics launched the world’s first commercially available mucosal PRRSV vaccine for swine administered via nasal spray.

Aptimmune’s autogenous mucosal PRRS vaccine utilizes the BARRICADE® proprietary vaccine technology, which offers producers and veterinarians a revolutionary approach to PRRSV management. The mucosal vaccine offers a new class of vaccine to combat a devastating and costly disease. BARRICADE® PRRSV combines three core components: First, a powerful and safe immune stimulating adjuvant based on mycobacterium whole cell lysate. Second, high-titer PRRSV antigen produced on ZMAC, the world’s only commercially available porcine based alveolar macrophage cell line. Lastly, Aptimmune’s proprietary nanoparticles deliver the vaccine payload to immune cells responsible for mucosal immunity, potentially offering enhanced cell-mediated immunity and antibody production.

“Aptimmune has benefited from ground-breaking research conducted at the University of Illinois, The Ohio State University, and several private companies,” said Aptimmune CEO Aaron Gilbertie during a press conference. “We are proud the launch of BARRICADE® validates our collaborative innovation model. We are exceptionally pleased with early customer feedback. In the coming months, we expect to launch additional vaccines formulated with BARRICADE®, including influenza.”

Gilbertie was joined at World Pork Expo by Dr. Jianqiang Zhang with the Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory to talk about the new vaccine: Aptimmune press conference

Gilbertie explains more about the vaccine in this interview: Interview with Aptimmune CEO Aaron Gilbertie

2017 World Pork Expo photos

Coverage of the World Pork Expo is sponsored by
Coverage of the World Pork Expo is sponsored by Aptimmune
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Animal Ag Bites

lizzy schultz


  • AgriLabs is pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Robert Rust as Technical Service Manager effective June 1, 2017.
  • The National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program, in collaboration with Colorado State University, is conducting a dairy farmer survey to learn more about perceptions of the FARM Program and how it can continue to improve the resources it offers producers. The voluntary survey, available here, will probe producers’ knowledge of the program and the value they think it provides to their operations.
  • Angus Media, the communications arm of the American Angus Association in Saint Joseph, Mo., has hired Sara Reardon as their new general manager.
  • The American Sheep Industry Association’s Young Entrepreneur Program is announcing a farm and ranch tour July 17-18 in Sioux Falls, S.D. that aims at helping young and beginning sheep producers network and gain a broader understanding of the industry.
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    #WPX17: A Showcase of the Pork Industry

    jamie johansen

    This week we hit the agriblogging highway for the 2017 World Pork Expo at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) hosts the annual event taking place June 7-9 and will feature the world’s largest pork-specific trade show, educational seminars, youth and open swine shows, market outlook sessions and of course pork of all shapes and sizes for your eating pleasure. Find all our coverage of this year’s event here, on and in it’s very own Virtual Ag Newsroom at thanks to this year’s sponsor, Aptimmune.

    “Expo is truly an international show, with visitors and exhibitors from throughout the world,” says Ken Maschhoff, NPPC president and Illinois pork producer. “It presents an excellent opportunity to expand your global reach and build an understanding of why pork is the No. 1 consumed protein worldwide. It’s sure to provide a new perspective on what you do back home.”

    NPPC expects about 20,000 producers and pork professionals, including more than 1,000 international guests, this year’s. Nearly 450 companies from North America, Asia and Europe will display the latest products, services and technologies for pork businesses in the trade show. NPPC says the number of hospitality tents also has grown, with 53 tents.

    “As they walk through the trade show, producers will find the newest products, services and technology offerings in one location, and that’s a huge benefit,” says Doug Fricke, director of trade show marketing for NPPC. “Be sure to plan extra time this year as exhibits will be on display in the Ag Building, inside and along the north, east and south perimeters of the Varied Industries Building, as well as in the expanded outdoor space.”

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    Coverage of the World Pork Expo is sponsored by Aptimmune
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    SMART Farmer Brad Greenway

    cindy zimmerman

    Brad Greenway of South Dakota was named 2016 Pig Farmer of the Year by the National Pork Board recognizing him as a pig farmer who excels at raising pigs using the industry’s We Care ethical principles that include not only raising pigs humanely and safely, but also promoting a safe workplace and contributing to the local community. Right after he received the title in October, Brad was elected as only the third chairman for the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance.

    What Brad really likes to talk about is his farm with his wife Peggy in Mitchell, South Dakota where they have two wean-to-finish pig barns and also raise beef cattle and grow corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa.

    Learn how passionate Brad is about SMART farming in this episode: SMART Farmer Podcast with Brad Greenway, South Dakota

    Subscribe to the SMART Farmer podcast

    Learn more about USFRA and SMART Farm

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    It’s Undeniably Dairy Month

    cindy zimmerman

    There are months and days to celebrate just about everything these days, but few have been celebrated for 80 years like dairy in June.

    National Dairy Month officially kicks off today, which is World Milk Day, and to celebrate 80 years dairy farmers are “opening their barn doors” and inviting people to their local farms to visit.

    To spotlight the role dairy plays in peoples’ everyday lives and to bring consumers closer to where dairy comes from, the farmer-founded Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, in partnership with nearly 42,000 family farms, processors and dairy brands, is kicking off a month-long celebration of National Dairy Month. The events are part of the dairy community’s unprecedented campaign, “Undeniably Dairy” – a multiyear effort to showcase all that is good about dairy, from the farm to the foods we love.

    Despite dairy farms being in all 50 states and most people living within 100 miles of one, a recent survey found that only one in 10 consumers has ever visited a dairy farm, making these events a great opportunity to experience life on the farm while learning more about where their food comes from.

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    Iowa Gov and Ag Groups to Make China Trip

    cindy zimmerman

    Iowa’s new governor and the state’s agricultural organizations miss Terry Branstad so much that they are already planning a trip to see him in China.

    Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds will lead an all-Iowa agriculture trade mission to China July 19-28 with representatives from the state’s corn, pork, soy, beef, egg, poultry, dairy and turkey industries. The trip marks the first time all of Iowa’s farm groups have come together for a trade mission which will be jointly funded by the participating organizations.

    “There is no better time than now to market and pitch our products in China,” said Reynolds. “Our relationship with the country is strong, and their growing middle class means increasing purchasing power and Iowa stands to gain significantly as a result.”

    The goal of the mission is to build relationships, understanding and trust with the hope of opening new possibilities for Iowa’s agricultural products. The groups will be meeting with government officials and industry partners. Reynolds says they will be visiting Ambassador Terry Branstad in Beijing, whose insight will be important as the groups navigate solutions to some of the current issues.

    China currently accounts for 60 percent of global soybean imports – and growing. “It’s a vital market and an historic trip,” said Iowa Soybean Association CEO Kirk Leeds. “Relationships matter for the Chinese. Rarely do they do business with people they don’t know.”

    China was the second-largest purchaser of U.S. ethanol last marketing year and a major buyer of U.S. distiller’s dried grains (DDGS), but because of Chinese antidumping and countervailing duties investigations, U.S. DDGS entering China now face duties of over 90 percent, and China has not approved any corn products derived from biotechnology since December 2014. “This has created market access challenges for corn exporters and restricted farmers’ access to new technologies,” said Iowa Corn CEO Craig Floss.

    China is the second largest export market for U.S. pork producers but imports of U.S. beef have been banned for 13 years, so cattle producers are optimistic about the opportunities with the recent announcement to lift the ban.

    Reynolds made the announcement Tuesday during her first weekly press conference as governor, joined by Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg, Iowa Corn CEO Craig Floss, ISA CEO Kirk Leeds, and Iowa Cattlemen’s CEO Matt Deppe. Listen to the announcement here: IA Gov China Trip Press Conference

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    May Dairy Market Report

    Jamie Johansen

    The May 2017 Dairy Market Report produced by the National Milk Producers Federation and sponsored by Dairy Management Inc. shows a rally in cash and futures prices.

    The rate of milk production growth began to moderate during the first quarter, but additional milk production continues to generate American cheese at a faster rate than total consumption, driving up inventories and putting pressure on prices. Still, exports of most products showed strong year-over-year growth during the first quarter of 2017. The March all-milk price was $1.60 per hundredweight under January, with the March Margin Protection Program (MPP) margin down $1.75 per hundredweight from last December. However, a mid-May rally in cash and futures prices for butter and Cheddar cheese provided a strong indication that the milk price erosion during the first months of this year may have run its course.

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