Schwarzenegger Declares "Real California Milk Month"

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Across the country today, celebrations of June Dairy Month began. In California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaimed June 2010 as “Real California Milk Month.” The proclamation honors the efforts of California’s more than 1,750 dairy families and the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) to keep the state’s dairy industry healthy and strong. California is the leading milk producer in the United …

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Calif. Family Farms Debuts

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California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) has introduced their new “Family Farms” advertising campaign. Get to know nine real California dairy farmers who shared their stories in 30-second commercials. Each commercial features an actual dairy family telling their story, in their own words. “We want to help consumers put the face on the farmer responsible for the dairy foods they enjoy. …

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California Cooperatives Sign Marketing Agreement

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Four California milk marketing cooperatives signed an agreement last week to work together to market their milk and dairy products in the state. The announcement came from California Dairies Inc. in Visalia, Calif. The formation of the Western Milk Cooperatives Agency on July 16 will allow its members to exchange production, marketing and statistical information. The four cooperative members are: …

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Wis. Still Number 1 in Cheese

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The happy cows of California may be a little sadder this summer, it looks like Wisconsin will remain number 1 in cheese production for quite some time. This according to Dick Groves, longtime owner of the Madison, Wis. based trade publication, Cheese Reporter. Groves helped spark the friendly competition between the states 10 years ago with an editorial predicting California …

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