Learn From A Cheeseaholic

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Nadia & WaldemarDo you like cheese? Want to know more about it? Maybe you’re addicted. If so you may need Cheesaholics Anonymous. I found Nadia Muna Gil and her blog through Leon The Milkman.

Nadia started out her career studying finance at MIT and then spent six years on Wall Street before her fascination with cheese pulled her into an entirely new career. She’s back in a finance job but has a cheese & wine event catering business in New York called Waldemar & Nadia. It was with this company that she started blogging about cheese. I think you’ll enjoy the interview and learning how Nadia has incorporated a blog into her marketing strategy for her business.

I interviewed Nadia this morning for my weekly ZimmCast program that we promote/distribute on AgWired. Listen to this week’s program with my interview with Nadia: Listen To ZimmCastZimmCast 87 (18 min MP3)