Oranic Dairy On Display in Germany

Chuck ZimmermanInternational, Organic

Organic Dairy Product DisplayHello from Berlin, Germany and the International Green Week. I’m attending this huge international food show to take part in a board meeting of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ). We’re actually having our final meeting this morning.

Yesterday I had a little time to wander around the agricultural displays like this one. This is a showcase of organic dairy products in the bio-products pavilion. I had hoped to interview someone but the language barrier was very real last night. However I did meet a German dairy farmer who is a member of the cooperative that put on this display, Uplander Bauern Mokerei. From what I understood of our conversation the production of organic dairy products is small but growing here in Germany.

Besides farming he said he’s also involved in a lot of social work. I thought it was interesting that his dairy employs handicapped individuals, especially those with mental and emotional disabilities.