New Bio-Vet Technology

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Bio-Vet, Inc. has introduced a new technology for dairy producers to improve the energy balance and milk production in their cows. Dairy ProP169®, a direct-fed microbial featuring Propionibacterium freudenreichii strain P169, is a naturally occurring rumen-origin bacterium and is compatible with other technologies such as yeast, rBST and monensin.

In controlled feeding trials, cows fed strain P169 showed significant improvements in milk production, ranging from 4 to 12 percent. Milk components were positively affected in these trials, such that production of total milk fat, total milk protein and milk lactose all increased. Feed efficiency was also improved.

Supplementation of strain P169 has been shown to dramatically increase rumen propionate yield. Propionate is quickly converted to glucose (energy) in cattle and is one of the most efficient volatile fatty acids produced in the rumen.

Dairy ProP169® is effective in dairy rations:
• Fed to cows in negative energy balance, such as early lactation and very high production cows
• Limited by substrates for the production of ruminal propionate (i.e. high forage rations)
• Containing a maximum amount of concentrated energy (i.e. high starch and fat levels)