Big Ass Fans Are In Your Face

Chuck ZimmermanAnimal Health, BASF Plant Science, Charleston-Orwig, Hoard's Dairyman, World Dairy Expo

Big Ass FansI couldn’t pass up this picture.

If I’m a cow needing a little breeze to cool me down then give me a Big Ass Fan.

That’s what I’m talking about. One of these would be very nice over by deck too I’ll bet.

Here’s what they say about them on their website: “We don’t know about California, but we’re darn sure happy cows come from Big Ass Fans. How so? Well, you try doing your job under Africa-hot conditions. Bet you wouldn’t perform at your best level either. The same applies to cows. Keeping them comfy keeps them eating, which is the key to optimum milk production. Even better, your herd won’t bunch up in one area to keep cool. No matter where cows are in your barn, our Big Ass Fans moves air over all of them. Plus, they cost just pennies-per-hour to operate, meaning energy bills won’t milk your wallet dry.”

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