Dairy Installs WasteSolver System

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TyraTech Inc., the pioneer of safer, effective natural pesticide products and automated manure management systems, announces that the Rancho Teresita Dairy has signed an agreement to purchase and install the TyraTech WasteSolver™. This will be one of the first systems to be installed in California.

With ever-tightening environmental regulations, it is increasingly difficult for dairy producers to manage their cows’ manure. This new system is designed to provide an automated solution that efficiently and cost-effectively turns manure into ready to use bedding and organic horticulture ready growing media, which generates incremental profit opportunities for dairies.

The patent-pending WasteSolver is an automated manure management system that efficiently reduces environmental problems and lagoon maintenance by capturing 50% to 70% of suspended manure solids, and then naturally treating the solids in 24 hours through a method similar to pasteurization. The continuous and rapid process is designed to reduce the production of methane by avoiding composting and by aerating liquids that are returned to the lagoon.

Cornell Kasbergen, owner of Rancho Teresita Dairy, commented: “The automated WasteSolver system appealed to me on several levels. First, it replaces the need to devote labor and land to drying manure for bedding. Also, the income streams for bedding sales and potentially greenhouse credits provides incremental profit for our dairy. Lastly, I believe this system is environmentally efficient, which should help us effectively manage an increasingly cumbersome regulatory environment.”