Dairy Producers Communicate Through Social Media

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dairycheckoffDairy Management Inc.™ (DMI), which manages the national dairy checkoff program, has launched a new program to help dairy producers communicate with the public about modern dairy farming practices. The new program, called myDairy, encourages dairy producers and industry leaders who are engaged in social media efforts to help tell the positive on-farm story of milk production through this growing medium, which includes blogs, social networking sites and positive dairy videos and photos.

The myDairy program has trained more than 350 dairy producers and industry representatives who are interested in online communications.

“The fact that most people are three to four generations removed from the farm means a big information gap exists today,” said David Pelzer, senior vice president of industry image and relations at DMI. “The U.S. dairy industry has a great story to tell — and social media gives us the means to tell it in a unique and engaging way to millions of consumers,” according to Pelzer.

The myDairy program helps the dairy checkoff mobilize dairy advocates across the nation to engage in social media networks and online communities to help protect the image of dairy farmers and the dairy industry. Building a strong, positive online presence for the dairy industry helps counter negative, uninformed attacks and maintains public confidence in dairy foods and the people who produce them. The program also provides a secure blog for dairy advocates to share their social media experiences.

“Not only does myDairy teach us how to use social media sites, but it also gives us key messages to use to make us more effective communicators,” said Will Gilmer, an Alabama dairy producer and creator of “The Dairyman’s Blog,” since 2007. “It’s important for producers to share our own unique perspective and experiences with modern dairy farming, and present a unified voice with the public.”

Producers interested in becoming online dairy advocates should e-mail: myDairy@rosedmi.com for more information.