Tips For Making Feed Choices More Efficient

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Mike HutjensTo tell dairy farmers attending the Global Dairy 500 Conference what to “leave in and what to take out” was Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois. Mike is very passionate about the diary business and so enthusiastic that our translators had to get him to slow down so they could translate for our international audience.

Hutjens addressed feed questions and says he boiled the answers down to a few main points or suggestions. To start with he suggests looking at forages and forage quality. Then he suggests maintaining milk production and not giving up milk production. He says to look at feed additives since many are very cheap right now. He says the price of milk may come back short term and it’s important to have the right team on the field using a football analogy. When it comes to nutrition he says that when you go with the premise that you can’t give up milk, then you have to look at substitute feed choices that may be more economical.

When it comes to questions from the attendees here he says he gets asked a lot about new corn varieties and chopping the silage and how long to store it. He says producers are asking how to make things work more efficiently for them where they are. Looking ahead he still sees some tough times but with some bright spots like reasonable feed costs.

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You can listen to my interview with Mike below.

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