Dairyline Markets In Review

Chuck ZimmermanDairyline, Markets

DairylineDairy Markets Week in Review

All eyes are on the cash dairy markets as three weeks of declines in block cheese came to an end and the butter market started to heat up. The second full week of 2010 saw the block price close at $1.4150 per pound, up a half-cent on the week, and 34 1/2-cents above that week a year ago. Barrel closed Friday at $1.4650, up 3 1/4-cents on the week, 37 1/2-cents above a year ago, and a nickel above the blocks. Nineteen cars of block traded hands on the week and only three of barrel. The NASS-surveyed U.S. average block price dropped 6 cents, to $1.6407. Barrel averaged $1.4783, down 0.9 cent.

Butter closed the week at $1.5250, up 18 cents, and 41 1/4-cents above a year ago. Twenty six cars were sold. NASS butter averaged $1.3302, down 0.7 cent.

Cash Grade A and Extra Grade nonfat dry milk closed the week at $1.30 per pound, down 7 and 8 1/2 cents respectively. NASS nonfat dry milk averaged $1.3507, up 7 cents, and dry whey averaged 38.79 cents, down 0.2 cent.

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