Students See Sustainable Side of Novus

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One of the important lessons the students learned during the 2nd annual “Science: A Foundation for Dynamic Careers” days at Novus International’s suburban St. Louis headquarters and rural Missouri research farm was that Novus is more than just an animal agriculture company. It’s a sustainability company.

Experts say the world’s population will be 9 billion by 2050 … but maybe only half the land used for agriculture now will be available to feed that population in 40 years. The point wasn’t lost on Avila University in Kansas City senior Neemah Ngega. The biochemistry major says she was impressed with how Novus is working to get more food out of shrinking resources for the world’s growing population.

“That’s a crucial point that I don’t think a lot of young people understand … including myself. The more I got engaged today, the more I learned how important of a problem we’re going to be facing as a world, not just a nation. For the science [Novus] engages in to help produce more food, I think, is commendable.”

Born and raised in Tanzania, Africa and moving to this country when she was young has given Ngega a unique perspective. “I think I’ve learned a lot, and there’s so much I could utilize in my future studies and future work… getting other people engaged and teaching other people what I’ve learned today.”

She says Novus’ work to better the world through minimizing the amount of space needed to grow an increased amount of food truly makes Novus a sustainability company. “The more we become better on sustaining not just the food industry, but all around – water, economic, land and people – it’s going to help.”

Listen to John Davis’ interview with Neemah in the player below.

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