Pfizer Offers Easy Milk Quality Resolutions

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Even dairy farmers need to set resolutions for the new year – make your resolutions help to improve cow health and profitability on the dairy. Milk quality resolutions that can help you capture greater return from your milking herd.

“There is always room for improvement when it comes to milk quality, and small steps taken today can reap rewards tomorrow through increased production, higher premiums and reduced labor and treatment costs,” says Dr. Bradley Mills, DVM, senior veterinarian, Pfizer Animal Health Dairy Veterinary Operations. “In addition, progressing your mastitis management is part of doing what’s best for the health of your cattle and dairy operation.”

Like any resolution, milk quality improvement efforts must become a way of life for everyone on the dairy. Dr. Mills offers these milk quality resolutions to help advance your mastitis management programs and produce higher-quality milk.

Keep better culture records.
Strive for complete cure.
Pay more attention to your dry cows
Increase parlor routine consistency
Work more closely with your veterinarian

By establishing milk quality goals now, you can set yourself up for successful mastitis management throughout the coming year. Visit our website for more milk quality resolution ideas and ways to improve your milk quality in the new year.

Source: Pfizer Animal Health