Precautionary Principle & Animal Ag White Paper

Jamie JohansenAg Group, Animal Health, Animal Welfare, Livestock

While the Precautionary Principle has been accepted by many national governments as a basis for policymaking, controversy looms regarding the actual content and the practical implications of its implementation in policy issues.

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture devoted the Opening and Closing General Sessions of its 2014 Annual Conference to the Precautionary Principle and recently released a white paper, “The Precautionary Principle: How Animal Agriculture Will Thrive,” that covers the topic and its potential impact regarding the future growth of animal agriculture in the United States.

“While the Precautionary Principle sounds harmless enough at first glance, it has the ability to stop a practice, substance or technology—and each of us should know more about this topic than just surface information. NIAA’s Annual Conference provided the opportunity to dig deeper and hear from those who have experienced the ill effects of the Precautionary Principle. And now the white paper can be read by those who were unable to attend the conference,” said NIAA’s Annual Conference co-chair Leah C. Dorman, DVM, Senior Director of Animal & Food Policy, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.

“The Precautionary Principle: How Animal Agriculture Will Thrive” White Paper is available online. You can also view many of the Annual Conference’s PowerPoint presentations and hear the audio in full online at Proceedings.