Meeting with Dr. Lyons

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Dr. Pearse Lyons and Dr. Mark LyonsDr. Pearse Lyons and Dr. Mark Lyons took the stage this morning at the Alltech Global Dairy & Beef Conference. I had the opportunity to speak with both of them together during a break.

Dr. Pearse Lyons says they used to call this the Global 500 but attendance has continued to grow beyond that number. There are dairy farmers here from the Normandy, France region who milk maybe 40 cows and there is a farmer here from China who milks 9,000 cows and has a total of about 200,000 cows! That’s a broad range of dairy farm size, eh?

Dr. Mark Lyons talks about partnerships being the way of the future. An example is the one discussed here with Nestle in China, a Dairy Farming Institute.

You can listen to my interview with Dr. Lyons and Dr. Lyons here: Interview with Dr. Pearse and Mark Lyons

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