World Dairy Expo in Full Swing

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wde-nh-14-103Over 3,000 head of dairy cattle were pre-entered for this year’s World Dairy Expo. No official count on the total of head actually exhibited, but the New Holland Pavilions are packed full of dairy cattle of all ages. I spoke with Scott Bentley, General Manager for World Dairy Expo, following the ribbon cutting ceremony and he said the cattle were appreciative of the new pavilions. The dairy cattle exhibitors were loving them and they were definitely the story for this year’s expo.

The World Dairy Expo has a strong history and connection to the state of Wisconsin and very much wanted to continue to host the event in dairy country. Without the new state-of-the-art facilities they were beginning to have to explore other options. This expansion has allowed the international expo to stay at home in Madison.

“We have a 48 year history of hosting World Dairy Expo right here in Madison, WI. Wisconsin is America’s dairyland and is where the roots of the founders of World Dairy Expo resided. So, it was industry leaders and dairy farmers, as well as folks in appointed positions across the state that came together and hatched the seeds for the World Dairy Expo that we know today.”

Beyond the cattle show, World Dairy Expo provides a learning opportunity for producers through seminars and virtual farm tours. Commercial exhibitors also swarm the exhibit hall giving them the chance to chat with breeders and share their newest technology and products.

Listen to my complete interview with Scott here: Interview with Scott Bentley, GM World Dairy Expo

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Coverage of World Dairy Expo is sponsored by New Holland