Congrats to Dairyman & Dairy Woman of the Year

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wde-14-84-editedTwo other honors were awarded during the 2014 World Dairy Expo. Pam Bolin, was named the Dairy Woman of the Year, and I caught up with her during last week’s event. Pam lives in Clarksville, IA with her family on Beaver Creek Farm. With all smiles, she shared that her two grandkids are the sixth generation on the to Bolin family farm.

Pam has worn many hats on the family farm over the years. Her and her husband took over the family dairy while they were still in college and have continued building their family legacy ever since. Pam helps with the milking, does calf chores and handles all the financial records on the farm. One of their sons and his family are back on the farm and they are looking into expanding the operation.

In the near future Pam said they are researching some new technologies they hope to unitize. This includes robotics and social media. “Our sons have taught us we have to be active on social media. We do have a farm page on Facebook. We try and show people through that what dairy is and how we are trying to do the best we can to give people a quality product.”

Listen to my complete interview with Pam here: Interview with Pam Bolin, Dairy Woman of the Year

wde-14-87-editedLast but certainly not least, is the 2014 Dairyman of the Year, Jim Huffard. Jim is from Crockett, VA and operates Huffard Dairy Farms/Duchess Dairy with his family. His family has been in the dairy business since 1929 and exclusively milk Jersey’s.

In my interview with Jim, he shares how farming has changed since his grandfathers days of milking by hand and what changes he and his family have made to incorporate new technologies and marketing opportunities. Besides also looking into robotics milkers, Jim has the environment and cow comfort on the front burner in terms of technological advancements.

Just four years ago the family dairy started bottling milk as well as producing it. “We are focusing on local, fresh all Jersey milk. All Jersey milk has about 15% more protein, calcium and other nutrients that enhance the flavor of the milk. We are trying to put a better bottle of milk out there. And our customers are responding.”

Listen to my complete interview with Pam here: Interview with Jim Huffard, Dairyman of the Year

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