Cheese, Cheese & More Cheese

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wde-14-93-editedA gourmet breakfast was prepared for us during the media talk event at the 2014 World Dairy Expo by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board’s executive chef, John Esser.

The meal was of course full Wisconsin cheeses. Chef Esser also prepared an omelet full of morel and leek jack cheese and a pancake packed with foenegreek gouda cheese and bacon. Another option for guests included a flatbread with a garlic and herb cream cheese spread with smoked salmon, roasted red peppers and capers. On the far side of the table was another option. John called it a Bavarian breakfast, which was a selection of meats, cheeses served on hard rolls.

“My favorite cheese depends on what I am doing. And also if I’m having a glass of wine or a beer. There are a lot of different varieties involved. Right now on this table, I really like the morel and leek jack because it is so smooth, creamy and also has those great flavors.”

I am sure I have made your mouth water just a bit as I painted a picture of our Wisconsin breakfast. If you attend any of Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board events in the future I am sure you will run into Chef John Esser and won’t walk away disappointed or hungry.

Listen to my complete interview with John here: Interview with Chef John Esser

Find all photos from the event here: 2014 World Dairy Expo Photo Album.

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