Digi-Star’s Rich History of Weight Sensors

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wde-14-47-editedDigi-Star took home a 2014 Innovation Award at the World Dairy Expo for their moisture tracker. They also hosted a media event during the show and that is where I met up with Mac Moore, president and CEO of Digi-Star, who spoke with me about the honor and what the company has in store for producers across the country.

“Digi-Star has a long rich history going back about 30 years in using weight sensors to record any important constituency or ingredients used in cattle feed. At the most basic level we simply measure something, but then we take it to the next level and through processors and software we take that information and make it useful for the farmer. More recently we are looking at different types of sensors and recording devices to expand our range of products across a wider range of verticals while embracing technology.”

wde-14-59-editedThe media presentation took attendees through Digi-Star tools that help manage variables for farmers. These included their TMR Tracker 5.0, TST 76000, Cab Control Suite with wifi, Weigh Log and NIR Solutions. They stressed their commitment to providing reliable and rugged equipment that is simple to use.

“We think of it in terms of precision agriculture, but I think a better way to think about is decision agriculture. I think the real challenge in this industry is to figure out which technologies are we going to deploy to really help farmers make the best decisions. Not just offer them an overwhelming range of options.”

Listen to my complete interview with Mac here: Interview with Mac Moore, Digi-Star

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