Why Not Add Beets to Your Cow Ration

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wde-14-176-edtedFor the first time, Feed Beets took advantage of the World Dairy Expo and shared with producers the opportunities with adding beets into their cattle rations. Lisa Butzer, marketing manager for Feed Beets, explained the nutritional elements to feeding beets and it’s benefits to beef and dairy operations.

“What we are finding through nutritional surveys and testing is that as dairy producers add it to their rations they can decrease or eliminate their need for molasses or other sugar sources. They may also be able to decrease their corn intake. It’s a nice alternative to adding some starch in and slow release sugars.”

Lisa explained since the source of starch is a sugar it floats in the rumen and release in a slow 18-hour period. There is no sugar spike that you may see from other sources. The high dry-matter beet hybrid can be planted with a corn planter and has a five to six month grow time. Other perks to beets is it is a non-maturing crop and can be grown in all 50 states. Lisa said some areas of the country will leave the crop in the ground for 12-14 months or until needed for consumption.

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