CHB Volume Surpasses 50 million lb. Sold

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Beef, Breeds, Food, Hereford, Meat

HerefordBeefLogoCertified Hereford Beef (CHB) LLC experienced a record year of growth during fiscal year 2014 with 50.2 million lb. of product sold— a 2% increase compared to the previous year’s total. Since 2008, CHB LLC has increased beef sales by 43%.

“Once thought of as a start-up branded beef program, the 19-year-old CHB® brand has weathered many storms including the growing complex of Angus beef programs that have proliferated foodservice, export, fast food and even beef jerky and pet food brands,” says Craig Huffhines, American Hereford Association (AHA) executive vice president. “What’s made the difference for the American Hereford Association’s flagship commercial marketing brand are its unique name, its consistent quality and the fine people who own the brand — the more than 5,000 AHA members.”

CHB LLC staff, along with the program’s marketing partners, tout the advantages of CHB product in marketing differentiation when compared to “Angus brands,” along with the fact that it is a consistently tender, juicy and flavorful beef product. These advantages are fueling the brand’s advance in both food service and retail markets.

“We are very proud of the progress we have made in growing the CHB brand,” says Dale Venhuizen, CHB LLC president and a Hereford cattle breeder from Manhattan, Mont. “We’ve made terrific gains in the marketplace despite tight cattle supplies, record high beef prices and a consumer trend of trading down to lower cost proteins.”

Fiscal Year 2014 Certified Hereford Beef LLC program highlights:
– 74% certification rate.
– 304 retail supermarkets in 35 states.
– More than 40 foodservice distribution centers.
– Welcomed Mike Mitchem, CHB LLC director of food service sales.
– Developed a strategic marketing plan involving business-to-business target communication, training and salesmanship, and a business-to-consumer message and communication plan. Commissioned new product photography to give point-of-sale materials a facelift.
– Conducted several sales force and merchandiser trainings with Sysco Minnesota, Sysco St. Louis, Jake’s in Houston and Yokes in Spokane.
– Signed ground beef and steak cutting licenses with Wolverine, Detroit; Buckhead, Chicago; and Burger Maker, New Jersey.
Focused efforts on building international marketing opportunities. Hosted two days of office tours, presentations and product sampling for 120 international buyers from around the world.